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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John 
Page in 1737 b\ King George 11 of England, was 
carried bv his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Br.dgeApr.miJ3 ^^^^ 

bedford high school 

A Block 

Bedford High School 

9 Mudge Way 
Bedford, MA 01730 
ittp ://www. bedf o rd . k 1 2 . 
Enrollment: 764 
Volume 2 

brought to you by \ 


channel 2008 ( 

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The Bedford High Schoo 
class of 2008 is proud to 
dedicate this yearbook tc 
Mr. Dan Niven. 
He exemplifies what it 
means to educate with 
enthusiasm. Although 
passionate, his laid-back 
classroom atmosphere 
allows students to find 
their own voice. He has 
inspired us to push 
ourselves beyond our 
own expectations. His 
genuine care and con- 
cern for each student is 
one of a kind. Niv, we 
thank you for treating us 
as equals and we thank 
you most for your sense 
of humor and hearty 

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this season's lineup... 

Looking back on the pa| 
|We laugh about the stu| 
won't admit to watching 
^FE to the Discovery Chi 
:AK. To our viewers we 
been the best D> 

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channel 2008 

Jessica Cozzi Jesse Creason Heather Cullen Katherine Cuti Soreen Cyphers 

Cutest Couple 

Dell Bennett and Keith Anderson 

Awesome Athletes 

Dan Kitterman and Colleen Strachan 


All Around Amazing 

Jacqi Kramlinger and Josh Kipp 

Dangerous Drivers 

Pallavi Sud and Tom Frank 


Nipunn Koorapati and Sowmya Varada 


1 1 


Dazzling Dressers 

Kevin Abraham and Corinnc Weeks 

Class Clown 

Tim Cederberg and Allison Baker 


Greatly Gullible 

Ryan Murphy and Sam Rober 

Superb Singers 

Andrew Busa and Molly Marshall 

Fabulous Flirts 

Lauren Sarson and Brian Pabian 


Ana Tkacik 
Tim Steinberg 


Brittany Russel 

Luke Badalaty 

Incredibly Intelligent 

Marissa Weichman and Mike Wittman 

Fantastic Fans 

Alex Budden and Bill Johnson 

Tenacious Texters 

Georgia Cook and Chris Haynes 

Crazy Cool 

Katie Donnellan and Terrance Favors 

Absolutely Artistic 

Joe Ball and Kit Collver 

Luscious Locks 

Ashley Hiniker and Ryan Ruiz 

Genuinely G- Status 

Georgia O'Rourke and Gerry Cohen 

Happiest Hippies 

Michelle Dyment and Bobby Dellarocco 

Probably Partying 

Megan Ross 

Matt Lima/Pat O'Brien 

p'ROM '07 

Spring Time in Paris 

May 18,2007 
Nashawtuc Country Club 
Concord, MA 

Prom Court: Courtnee Barchus, 
Colleen Strcchcn*, Ana Tkacik, Alexandra Ulsh, 
Joe Ball, Gerald Cohen, Kevin Johnson*, 
Joe Strachan 

"^Wm gpGO:^ painU Qglin 

Most Libely To 

ate a Sophomore-Everyone 
wn Ebay-Dan McCarthy 
Have Chapstick-Kelsey Chapman 
Become Oct-Linqual-Alex Ulsh 
Have children who are bearded- 
Erik Smallenburger 
Have his own private army-Alex Coe 
Live in rural Latin America- 
Hope Bigda-Peyton 
Cover her entire house in fruit stickers- 
Katie Levinstein 
Become a preacher- John Park 
Marry a supermodel-Akshay Kaul 
Be wearing a gray hoodie- Kevin Johnson 
Wear aviators all day long- Scott Bratton 
Be on the offensive line of any NFL team- 
Sam Foltz 

Star in Seabiscut 4- Sam Christen 
Join the Marines- Chris Foti 

A Block 

B Block 

C Block 

D Block 

E Block 


.-1.., ^. , 


Channel 2009 

Junior year is seen as the most important year of our high school careers. As juniors, 
we are opened up to many new opportunities, such as Semi, Junior Prom, licenses, and 
Bleacher Painting. However, the year is not all fun and games. Junior year is the one 
colleges concentrate on most. Therefore, we must buckle down with our academics in 
order to achieve the grades we want the colleges of our dreams to see. Not only do we 
have to work hard in our classes, but junior year also means prepping ourselves for the 
dreaded SAT. Though classes seem to drag on forever and we count down to Friday 
each week, these past three years seem to have just flown by. We'll be senior's next 
year, so let's make the most of it, because after that, we'll all go our separate ways and 
find out what the future holds for each of us. 

All-fro-one. Tommy Barkovic and Eric 
Devaux ponder the meaning of life 
during this year's twin day. 

Fun in the sun. Annie Leslie and 
Adrienne Jar\ is chill out at the freshman 
orientation, protecting their eyes from 
that blazing sun. 

So fine, 09. The junior class shows olT 
their spirit at this year's pep rally. 


Friends forever. Kelsey Hartwell and Cora Bentley show how much 
fun they have in school. 

Viewers Favorites 

Sport to Play 


Sport to Watch 


Music Group 




Best Department 

Social Studies 

Movie Actress 

Jessica Alba 

Male Singer 

Chris Brown 

Clothing Store 


Nisha Acharya 
Brandon Addison 
Angela Agiorgousis 
John Aiken 
David Altschuler 

James Anderson 
Neil Andrews 
Brittany Asselin 
Narine Avetisyan 
Bradford Balich 

George Baratta 
Thomas Barkovic 
Danielle Basile 
Sophie Bell 
Cora Bentley 

Natalia Bienkowski 
Elyse Bloonifield 
Dylan Bochman 
Parker Boeing 
Alexander Bradford 

Alan Brun 
Adam Brys 
Kelsey Burke 
Thomas Busa 
David Cain 

Sarah Caliri 
Rhiana Carignan 

Ryan Carter 
Laura Castaneda 
Minghan Chang 

Jynette Demarco 
Eric Devaux 
Davio Dispena 
Scott Doherty 
Christopher Donovan 

John Driscoll 
Samantha Duda 
Michael Dunlea 
James Ferro 
Abigail Finkelstein 

Shannon Gallagher 
Jonathan Gault 

Jessica Giangrande 
Brendan Gibson 
Elizabeth Goeke 

Thomas Grunes 
Allison Hagar 
Sai Haran 
Katherine Harkins 
Ethan Harrington 

Kelsey Hartwell 
Thomas Hatvany 
Jayson Hauck 
Thomas Heimann 

Alexander Heyl 

Jarryd Heyl 
Andrew Hiniker 
Emily Howie 
Stacey Hronowski 
William Huggins 

True fans. Barbara Neto and Farron 
Lomot show their support of the BHS 
football team. 

All smiles here. Jynette Demarco and 
Gianna Ruggerio show their pearly 

Love birds. Jynette DeMarco and Max 
O'Brien express their passion for each 
other at this year's Tournament of Plays. 

Jump start. Katie Harkins and Gemma 
Smith introduce the freshman to their 
new school at this year's Freshman 

Raymond Maladowitz 
Heather Marasa 
Marissa Masek 
Allison Matthews 
Brendan Maxon 

Walter Mayo 
Charlotte Mazel 
Ashley Mclver 
Thomas McNulty 
Sarah Medwar 

Julie Mello 
Kamil Messac-Sylvain 
Rebecca Michel 
Dav id Micu 
Nicholas Mizzoni 

Katelyn Mohen 
Leah Mooradian 
Jacob Moore 
Carley Morgan 
Melody Morris 

Drew Nearing 
Barbara Neto 
Nicholas Neveux 
Chelsea Niemeyer 
Katharine Norregaard 

Samantha Nuutinen 
Justin O'Reilly 
Maxime Obrien 
Michael Pacheco 
Patrick Packenham 

Ryan Paganetti 
Ryan Pitts 
Brett Plugis 
Lacey Potter 
Robert Potter 

Genesis Reyes 
Adam Richichi 
Gabriel Rivera 
Robert Robinson 
Nicholas Romanelli 

Keith Roop 
Samantha Ross 
Gianna Ruggicro 
Alexander Russo 
Assaf Shahar 

Jaamia Sims 
Poricha Sims 
Alain Slak 
Daisie Smith 
Gemma Smith 

Jennifer Soto 
Nathan Spector 
Jessica Spencer 
Kevin Spooner 
James St.Onge 

Laquan Standberry 
Mae Steinberg 
Kelly Sullivan 
Nicholas Tate 
Cassandra Theriault 

Courtney Thompson 
Hayli Throckmorton 
Joseph Tiano 
Ryne Tillman 
Kristine Tom 

Marina Tomao 
Marcus Upshaw 
Nicholas Vance 
Carlos Vega 

Olympia Veliz 

Thomas Waghome 
Katherine Waleyko 
Sony a Walsh 
Victor Wang 
Suzanne Warner 


Sign here 


Channel 2010 

We're halfway there! And that is just one of the many perks of being 
sophomores. We've completed our second year of high school and we are no 
longer "The Freshmen". Our team for the pep rally stepped up their game and 
the sophomore class was represented well. Many of our classmates have made 
varsity sports and really contributed to their team greatly. Our talented actors and 
actresses also performed well under pressure at the annual tournament of plays. 
The class of 2010 is adapting to high school and we have made our mark! 

A break in the day. Sarah Stimson shows Heave-Ho. The sophmore class gave it 
off her artistic side in Ceramics class. their ail in this years Tug of War at the 

pep rally. 

Put your hands together. Brandon 
Watson, Mike Rubin, David Raimondi 
and others cheer on the class of 2010. 

Hypnotized. Matt Tiano, J.D. Anderson, and Scott Johnson, watch 
closely at the Bon Fire. 

In the zone. Chris Abner is hard at work in the schoors new 
computer lab. 

Rock on. Paul Klein and Cotter Ellis get in the groove while playing 
for the band. 

Lunch Time! Ryan Molloy and Natasha Shopshire eat their delicious 
school lunches while taking advantage of the new courtyard. 

Christopher Abner 
Callie Anderson 
Anoush Arakelian 
Caelyn Baird 
Louis Baker 

Alexander Ball 
Gabriele Bard 
Samantha Barkhouse 
Leon Barnes 
Kristina Barr 

Timothy Barry 
Louisa Bauer 
Philip Beecy 
Bethany Benjamin 
Lucia Bennett 

Benjamin Berenson 
Zachary Berman 
Britany Biliouris 
Angela Bishop 
Katherine Boebel 

Jake Bograd-Denton 
Evan Bolton 
Matthew Bowers 
Christopher Bridgeman 
Cassie Briggs 

Justin Brooks 
Samantha Brown 
Yeralis Cabrero-Rivera 
Molly Cain 
Amy Campbell 

Daniel Kipp 
Paul Klein 
Dylan Koundakjian 
Zachary Land 
Andrew Landman 

Derek Lauziere 
Nieole Lespasio 
Hannah Levenson 
Wendy Lin 
Jason Litchfield 

Mark Mallett 
Alyssa Maloney 
Michael Maloney-Ward 
Harry Markuse 
Evan Marshall 

Robert Maxon 
Jamie McConnell 
Nicholas McDermott 
Timothy McDonald 
Aileen McGrory 

Brittani Miller 
Ryan Molloy 
Keith Mondello 
Chaquanda Montes-Tharpes 
Albert Moorehead 

Syndhia Mungalachctty 
Sara Neto 
Veronica Nicbels 
Kclscy O'Connor 
Vicloria O'Connor 


Channel 2011 

"The class of 2011," says a fresham with despair in her voice. "That's like. ..a 
million years away." Althought it may sem like that for some freshan who still 
watch the Disney Channel when they get home from school, it will be here before 
you can change it to Nickelodeon. While freshman year means more homework, 
longer classes, and being pushed around by the big, tough upperclassmen, it 
also means breaking away from all those rules in middle school. Now we have 
a snack break in the morning and can get home twenty minutes earlier to watch 
Hannah Montanna. It also means that we get to make new friends who have 
been all over the world, like the Wild Thornberries. Cheer up freshman. You'll 
get to watch MTV and PG-13 movies soon enough. 

Hangin' out. Derek Dennis and 
Grant Ribler enjoy a nice summer 

Take a break. Sally Waters, Allie 
Walsh, and Arielle Wentworth 
take a break from the Freshmen 
Orientation activities. 

The freshman show how 
well they can work together 
as a class at the freshman 

Steph Parham, Eli Barkovic and Amanda Sziosek gather round to 
hear about what they are about to experience in high school. 

Watch and learn. One of the most important things to do freshman 
year is to pay attention and learn. Kayla Larson, Jenny Keefe and 
Amanda Szlosek show that they can do this. 

Harley Glenn and Kylie Foy consult each other about their upcoming 
high school career. 


Barbara Feuerstein, Jaqui Choen, Bryanna Rowley and Molly O'Neill 
feel the wind in their hair. 


Jexander Cuti, Anthony Chang, Dave Matthews, Eunho Kim and 
lichael Chiu take part in the activities at the Freshmen Orientation. 

The freshmen show their strength at this years Spint Assembly. 

Bryana Row ley working hard and 
Sean Donnellan hardly working. 

Geena Chen 
Michael Chiu 
Valerie Clare 
Dajaan Clark 
Joshua Clarke 

Patrick Coady 
Jacqueline Cohen 
Andrew Colgan 
James Collins 
Rachel Cooley 

Ryan Creagh 
Giovanni Crespo 
Michaela Crinili 
Kevin Criscione 
Kaitlyn Crockett 

Michael Cusack-Fitzgerald 
Alexander Cuti 
Rebecca Darby 
Catherine Davidson 
Timothy Deluisc 

Derek Dennis 
Axelle-Hannan Derrisevic 
Anne Dickinsonmeltz 
Brian Dizio 
Emma Dombkowski 

Nicholas Donovan 
Jessica Doucette 
Holly Drake 
Nick Duchi 
Rachel Dushman 

Jessica Dyment 
Hilana Ezekiel 
Francis Fay 
Jeffrey Ferro 
Barbara Feuerstein 

Benjamin Fine 
David Finkelstein 
Kylie Foy 
Christina Freccero 

Kaitlyn Friden 

Emily Gao 
Andrew Giangrande 
Harley Glenn 
Carl Gocht 
Robert Goeke 

Steven Golden 
Joshua Goodridge 
MacKenna Graham 
Andrew Green 
Mary Guay 

Jessica Marshall 
Elizabeth Martin 
Cara Marzeoti 
David Matthews 
Cody McCauley 

Jamie McDonald 
Sean Mclver 
Ariel McManus 
Alexandra McNaught 
Haley Merlo 

Ashley Mitchell 
Julia Montalto 
Joseph Moore 
Briana Murphy 
Meoan Musbek 

Tyler Nearing 
Amos Oliver 
Will Olsen 
Molly O'neill 
Alexa Pappas 

Stephanie Parham 
Brandon Perrine 
Taryn Peterson 
John Phillips 
Emily Pietrasik 

Laura Plansky 
Jeremy Poe 
Justin Puis 
Gabrielle Queenan 
Br\an Rackowski 

Melissa Zelermyer 

Christopher Towne 
Adam Traganos 
John Ulsh 
Joseph Valbona 
Lucas Vatcher 

Rebecca Waghome 
Victoria Waldron 
Benjamin Waldronfcinstein 
Anna Waihng 
Alexandra Walsh 

Sarah Waters 
Benjamin Weaver 
Benjamin Weichman 
Arieile Wentworth 
Alyson Werth 

Kyle Whitmore 
Daniel Wilkerson 
Alexander Williams 
Tyara Williams 
Monica Wong 

DCL Primetime 

"It's Not About You, It's About the Guy Next to 
You". This quote was the one that Coach Belcher chose 
to not only set the tone for the season, but to try to instill 
in each one of his players throughout the season. This 
entire season was a series of forward strides, constant 
improvennent, and discovering what 
everyone was made of. From the bus 
ride to camp in New Hampshire, until 
the final whistle of the Thanksgiving 
Day Game vs. Concord, the football 
bucs were constantly learning about 
eachother, themselves, and learning 
how to apply this knowledge to 
playing football as a band of not only 
teamates, but friends. 

The Bucs were unique in 
their youth, as the team had only 
four seniors total, and Two that 
started. Players such as Kevin Cangiano, Tim Pike, Tim 
McDonald, Matt Tiano and Chris Abner found that they 

would have large roles as sophomores in the starting 
lineup, while guys like Brendan Gibson, Tim Steinberg, 
Manny Soto, and Dave Micu had the responsibility of 
taking these young players and inspiring them to raise 
their level of play. The season culminated in a fitting way 
. Not only did the Bucs defeat arch rival 
CCHS for the first time in many years, 
but it also became evident that many 
of these young stars had risen to their 
challenge, and the team was playing 
better collectively than ever before. 
This leaves the future for the Bucs 
looking even brighter, especially since 
the DCL divides into two leagues, 
leaving Bedford with an opportunity to 
compete against towns of similar size. 
The 2007 season was definetly quite 
memorable, and the departing seniors 
leave here with the bragging rights to 
the most wins ever by a single class 

Captain: Brendan Gibson 

A DCL All-Star at linebacker, 
Gibson, who started as a 
sophomore, made a huge impact 
on the team's performance this 
season. Look to see Gibson shine 
even brighter in his senior year. 

Captain: Tim Steinberg 

Tim , a returing starter at guard 
for the Bucs, was one of two 
seniors to start this season. 
Tim was a DCL All-Star at the 
guard position and played tough 
linebacker all season for the 


Line em' Up! 

Sophomore Phenom Kevin 
Cangiano gets the Buc 
offense rolling behind his 
trusty linemen. 

Young Talent: 
Tim McDonald, one of 
Bedford's rising stars, 
sprints down to make a 
hit on kickoff 

Face Off! The young, 
aggressive, and agile 
Buc Defense shows 
Latin what they're 
made of. 

Top Row: Sam Foltz, Ben 
Davis, Andrew Davis, 
Derek O'Rourke, Dylan 
Curtin, David Raimondi, 
Jimmy Ferro, Ben Rose, 
Kevin Spooner 
IVIiddle: IVIike Dirrane, 
Justin Brooks, Brandon 
Addison, IVIatt Tiano, Joe 
Tiano, K.C. IVIondello, 
Scott Johnson, John 
Humphries, Tim Barry, 
Shaw, Louis Baker 
Front:Brandon Watson, 
Dave IVIicu, Tim Pike 
Kevin Cangiano, Chris 
Abner, Jason Litchfield, 
Tim McDonald, DeWayne 
Clachar, J.D. Anderson, 
Ryan Carter 
Capts:Tim Steinberg, 
Manny Soto Brendan 

Stoneham: Win 
Belmont: Loss 
Boston Latln:Wln 
Lincoln Sudbury:Loss 
Newton South:Win 

Hard, Smart 


The boy's varsity soccer 
team had a good season but came 
up just short. The team was lead by 
head coach Dave Boschetto and 
assistant coaches 
Gunnar Olsen and 
Josh Steffan. The 
team was just one 
win away from the 
tournament in the new 
DCL small. The high 
point in the season 
came when they tied 
Concord-Carlisle, the 
number 1 team in the 

Dan Kitterman, JD Rogers, 
Aaron Smiles, Greg Margolis, and 
Luke Badalaty will be graduating 
next spring. Although the team 
will be sad to lose five 
strong seniors, the 
outlook for next season 
is very good with many 
talented returning 
underclassmen who 
will not doubt lead 
the team into another 
strong season, maybe 
even a DCL title. 

Co-Captain Aaron SMiles 

Although some may say that our 
season was not so great, I have to 
disagree with them. We are one of 
the few teams that can say we tied 
the number one team in the state. 
Thanks to everyone who helped make 
the season entertaining and also one 
of my favorite seasons I have had in 
High School. 

Co-Captain Dan Kitterman 

"We really believed in each other this 
year and played as a team. We Drank 
the Kool-Aid' so to speak" 

Push Through. Aaron 
Smiiles fights off 
two Newton South 
defenders on the way 
to a 5-1 victory. 

Midfielder, Dan 
Kitterman follows his 
pass to a forward up 

Painful. Mannish 
McPhail gets a low 
blow from a Newton 
South goalkeeper. 

9lff f i^f f 

Roster and Recap 

Top Row: Andrew 
Thomas, Hamish Mcphail, 
Brett Plugis, ommy 
Barkovic, Mike Dunlea, 
Nick IVIizzoni, Thomas 
Heiman, Nevin Whalley 
Middle Row: Scott 
Doherty, Stephen 
Dalrymple, Alex Kovacs, 
Mike Thorsen, Ming-Han 
Chsng, Ryan Paganetti, 
Jason Hauk 
Bottom Row: Jake 
Mendales, Greg 
Margolis, Aaron Smiles, 
Luke Badalaty, JO 
Rodgers, Dan Kitterman 

Westford Academy 
Lincoln Sudbury 
Boston Latin 
Newton South 
Concord Carlisle 
Acton Boxboro 
Westford Academy 
Lincoln Sudbury 
Boston Latin 
Newton South 
Concord Carlisle 
Acton Boxboro 

Girls Soccer 

This season was a season 
to remember. We had a very 
heqrtbreaking loss against 
for the small DCL- 
Championship, but 
we still had a very 
successful season. 
We played hard 
and never gave up, 
especially in the 
defending state 
champs, Acton- 
Boxborough. Even 
though we lost, 
we still played with true heart 

and determination and never 
thought once about giving 
up. There was amazing team 
chemistry both on 
and offthe field, one 
of the determining 
factors of this 
year's success. No 
game ever lacked 
excitement, and we 
came out each and 
every day ready to 
play our hardest in 
both practice and 

Captain: Colleen Strachan 
"Although we weren't 
able to win the DCL 
this year, we still had 
a good season and 
accomplished a lot of 

Captain: Corinne Weeks 
"Soccer is the best sport 
ever. I love it sooo much 
and I really want to play 
in college. It will be soooo 
much fun!" 

Colleen Strachan 
(Left) makes a flying 
leap to beat a Boston 
Latin player to the 

Samantha Rober (left) 
gives a powerful boot 
to keep the play in 

D-Fence! Claire Criniti 
and Corinne Weeks 
(Below) protect their 
side of the field 
with impenetrable 


Top Row: Coach Wilson, 
Heather Smiles, Claire 
Critltl, Gabby Bard, 
Krlsten Canglano, Steph 
Crockett. 3rd Row: Holly 
Kelly, Sally Waters, 
Barbara Neto, Gillian 
Weeks, Chelsea Nelmeyer, 
Louisa Bauer. 2nd Row: 
Georgia O'Rourke, Nicolle 
Hickox, Kim Zolla, Olga 
Chambers-Maher, Meghan 
McGowan. Bottom Row: 
Samantha Rober, Corinne 
Weeks, Colleen Strachan, 
Georgia Cook 

and Recap 

Westford Academy 






Boston Latin 




Newton South 


Concord Carlisle 




Westford Academy 






Boston Latin 






Newton South 








Newbury port 


Stick To It 

The record of the BHS Field 
Hockey team does not adequately reflect 
their outstanding effort on the field. With 
their great determination, 
the team managed to tie 
Newton South twice and 
Tyngsborough once. 

This year the Dual 
County League split into 
two leagues, large and 
small. This will give the 
Field Hockey team a better 

chance to succeed in their games. This 
year's captains, Charlene Asp, Kristina 
Piccirillo, and Alex Ulsh, acted as great role 
models for the rest of the 
team and helped younger 
players improve their skills. 
The rest of the seniors this 
year were also a great asset 
to the team and next year's 
seniors hope to match their 
teamwork, dedication, and 

Put your guard up. Senior 
goalie Alex Ulsh defends the 
goal from the opposing team. 

Keep your eye on the ball. 
Junior Marina Tomao stays 
focused on the ball in order to 
have a strong break away. 

Break away Senior 
Mel Serotkin runs to 
escape her defender 

^^^^^ ^ 


Fight for it Junior 
Katelyn Moiien 
battles for pcssessKXi 

of the ball 

Huddle up The team 
gathers near Coach 
Barton to strategize 
before the game 

Roster and Recap 

Top Row: Katie Levenstein. 
Kristina Piccirillo, Jamie 
Reynolds, Charlene Asp. 
Heather Marasa 
Middle Row: Alex Ulsh. Cora 
Bentley, Callie Anderson. 
Hannah Levenson. AMI 
Hagar, Katelyn Mohen. 
Sophia Kesler 
Bottom Row: Jamie 
McConnell, Victoria. Amanda 
Rogers, KalMy Hartwell. 
Jenna Kuhn, Marina Tomao 

Opponent Score 

Concord-Carlisle 0-3 

Tyngsborough 0-0 

Wayland 3-5 

Westford Academy 0-S 

Acton-Boxborough 0-5 

Lincoln-Sudbury 0-5 

Arlington 0-3 

Weston 0-7 

Newton South 1-1 

CC 0-3 

Tyngsborough 0-2 

Wayland 0-3 

Westford 0-4 

Arlington 0-2 

AB 0-5 

LS 0-3 

Weston 1-4 

Newton South 0-0 

Smack That 

This years volleybucs started off 
strong with 2 strong wins, and although 
they stalled in the middle of the season, 
they finished off with a 5-15 record. That 
record matched last year's, 
and qualified them for the 
state tournament. Everyone 
played well in their first 
round game against 
O'Bryant High pulling off a 
3-1 win. 

In the second round 
game the Bucs played 
Wayland, who that had 
split against in the regular 
season, and ended up 

winning 3-2 after 5 long intense games. 

That win qualified them for the semi- 
finals. In the third round the volleybucs 
faced Melrose, and although they lost 
3-1, the team was happy 
with the fact that they won 
one game against a team 
that had not lost a match 
and had only lost one other 
game all season. They 
were also very proud that 
they had made it farther in 
the tournament than ever 

Bridget Barrett 
"We are so proud of how 
far we made it this year. 
Beating Melrose in the first 
game of the match proved 
to everyone how far we had 


Lauren Sarson 
"Our team slogan of "Smack 
That" pumped us up during 
many games when we 
started to get down." 



W ' 


Senior, Hope Bigda- 
Peyton, helped the 
team out this season 
by setting all positions 
on the court 

Lindsay McGrory. 
was vital to the team 
this year, using her 
powerful swing on all 
sides of the coun 

cheers the team as 
they come together In 
the middle of the court 
adfter a perfect serve 


Roster & Recap 

Top Row: Allison 
Matthews, Christie 
Chiu, Amy Campbell, 
Katie Coe, Alex 
Bottom Row 
(Seniors): Lindsay 
McGrory, Ashley 
Hinker, Bridget 
Barrett, Lauren 
Sarson, Jen Tate, 
Hope BigdaPeyton 






Westford Academy 



Newton South 


Concord Carlisl* 


Lincoln Sudbury 




Acton Boxborough 


Boston Latin 








Nawton South 


Concord Carlisle 




Lincoln Sudbury 


Acton Boxborough 




Boston Latin 









It Keeps You Running 

This year has been a year of progress for the BHS 
Cross Country team. In the competitive DCL, 
Bedford finished with a 3-6 record and 6th out of 
10 teams. This was very impressive considering 
they were often going up against 
much bigger schools with many 
more runners on their cross 
country teams. The team was led 
by junior captains Alex Bradford 
and Chris Donovan. These 
two captains, along with coach 
Solomon Chebor, helped form 
a more dedicated and close knit 

The boys team has a 
bright future ahead of them. With 
the majority of varsity runners 
being juniors, they are looking to be even better 

next year with their gained experience from facing 
tough competition. Junior Jonathan Gault dominated 
the league during his first year on the cross country 
team. He was the teams most successful runner and 
set the Bedford course record. 
Most impressively he finished 2nd 
overall at the DCL meet. 
The girls team looks to be on the 
right path as well for next year. 
Many new members joined the 
team this year, lead by Freshman 
Devon Tate. The girls have a 
promosing future ahead of them 
and look strong for next year. 
Overall the BHS Cross Country 
team had a very successful season 
and are looking forward to being 
even better next year. 

Determination! Captain 
Chris Donovan runs during a 


Push it to the limit! Captain 
Alex Bradford is running 
tirelessly to the finish line. 

Running to victory, juniors 
Jarryd Heyl. Selby LaBert, 
and G.J Barrata compete 
during a meet. 

Run Molly Run!!! 
Sophmore Molly Cain 
gives It her all dunng a 

The Bntish are Coming' 
Junior Jonathan Gault 
leads the team to 

Meet Scores 

9/7/07: Boys: W 20-41 
Girls: L 48-15 
9/12/07: Boys: L 39-22 

Girls: L 50-15 
9/19/07: Boys: L 43-20 

Girls: L50-15 
9/26/07: Boys: W 18-41 

BHS Tour 

This year's Bedford Golf season was exciting and 
rewarding. Last year's DCL Medalist John Isnor returned as 
our leading scorer. He averaged 14 points per match early 
in this season in a Modified Stableford scoring system. He 
showed tremendous power by driving the green on some of 
our par fours and proved that he will continue to be a force 
to be reckoned with in the coming 

Our Co-Captains, Andy 
Westerkamp and Alex Heyl, were two 
of our steadiest performers. 

OtherSeniors, Scott Bratton 
and Mike Haynes also contributed In 
numerous ways. 

New team member, Kelly 
Sullivan, started out well and even 
improved as the season went on. 
Kelly showed that she can compete 
with anybody in our league and she 
beat the best male golfers on many of 
our opponents. 

Kelly and John were this 
year's representatives at the DCL Medalist Tournament 
at Concord Country Club. Neither Kelly or John won the 
tournament but they represented Bedford well. The Bedford 
Golf Team was given the prestigious Sportsmanship award 
at the Tournament. All team members deserve credit for 

representing Bedford Golf so well. 

Next year we return one of our Captains, Alex 
Heyl who was one of our top scorers and consistently. 
Tristan Osgood was also an important part of the team as 
he was their third leading scorer. Tristan is no stranger to 
hitting it long and he gave many of our opponents fits during 

the course of this golf season. Great 

Season Bucs! 

and she beat the best male golfers on many 
of our opponents. 

Kelly and John were this 
year's representatives at the DCL Medalist 
Tournament at Concord Country Club. 
Neither Kelly or John won the tournament 
but they represented Bedford well. 
The Bedford Golf Team was given the 
prestigious Sportsmanship award at the 
Tournament. All team members deserve 
credit for representing Bedford Golf so 

Next year we rctum one of our 
Captains, Alex Heyl who was one of our top 
scorers and consistently. Tristan Osgood was also an important 
part of the team as he w as their third leading scorer. Tristan is no 
stranger to hitting it long and he gave many of our opptmenls fits 
during the course of this golf season. Great Season Bucs! 

Co-Captain Alex Heyl 
"We had a good season. We 
put up a few wins, and we 
had a lot of fun. We had a 
good core group of seniors 
that were going to miss next 


Andy Westerkamp 
"We had some really good 
times this year on the Golf 

Roster and Recap 

Top Row: John 
Isnor, Mike Haynes, 
Scott Bratton, Andy 
Middle Row: 
Zander Smith, 
Sam Mahaney, 
Colin Hurley, Kelly 
Sullivan, Matt 

Bottom Row: Nick 
Giglio, Kevin Barry, 
Jimmy Collins, Joey 
Valbona, Cam Maron 

Opponent Score 

Boston Latin 72-53 

Westford Academy 77-120 

Wayland 60-65 

Concord-Carlisle 60-69 

Tyngsborough 51-31 

Lincoln-Sudbury 79-101 

Weston 77-109 

Boston Latin 78-70 

WA 89-101 

CC 70-105 

Wayland 70-92 

Tyngsborough 73-49 

AB 81-92 

AB 57-94 

Weston 58-111 

LS 58-93 

Newton South 69-89 


Fire. ..Up!! Fall Varsity 
Cheerleaders gave a 
great show of spirit and 
pride this year.With a 
new look for the uniforms 
cheerleaders were 
amped and the crowds 
got ROWDY! The girls 
participated in competition 

and although they had a 
great performance they 
sadly didn't place. They 
only hope to improve for 
next year and continue to 
keep the fans pumped! 



Courtnee Barchus 
Brittany Miller 
Megan Ross 
Brittany Russell 
Dusty Smith 
Danielle Basile 
Jennifer Burdge 
Jynnette Demarco 
Stacey Hronowski 
Gianna Ruggiero 
Daisie Smith 
Jennifer Soto 
Lindsay Wilkin 

Aysha Gentry-Johnson 
Ashton Parrish 
Jennifer Stewart 
Kelsey Taylor 


Fall Dual County League AU-StarS 


Colleen Strachan 

Megan Ross 

Tim Pike 


Christina Piccirillo 
Field Hockey 


Dan Kitterman 


Tim Steinberg 


Kelly Sullivan 

The Bucs had another impressive season. They ended the 
regular season 17-3, dropping those three games by a total 
of only six points. The Bucs flew into the play-offs with a 
number three seed and easily knocked oft" the first two teams 
they played. Unfortunately for the fourth time in a row 
the Bucs had to face Watertown, the team that had knocked 
them out of the tournament the past three years. Sadly the 
team dropped the decision again, but ended the season with 
one of the best played games of the season. Two of the 
captains summed up the the basketball experience best: 
Josh Kalendarian: This team isn't just about basketball, its 
about a group of guys coming together to become a part of 
something that is way bigger then themselves. We poured 
everything we had in the past four years of our lives to tr\ 
to accomplish something that no other group of guys have 
done in this school and it has not just made us teammates, 
but also best friends. Basketball has not just helped me get 
through high school, but being with the guys on the team 
has helped me grow into the person I am now and for that 1 
am forever grateful. 

Terrance Favors: This team is family and will be trueK 
missed when im not here next year. Although basketball 
brings us together during w inter its my teamates that make 
it just that special to be around. 1 will be surronded by m\ 
new teamates next year but these guys will always have a 
place in my heart. 

Court in Session 



whether it was long "runs" around the school 
and getting acquainted with the new balcony 
or sneaking food into the Reggie Lewis Center, 
the indoor track team knows how to have a 
good time. While forced to compete against 
much larger schools, team members always 
supported each other. Despite being such a 
small team, there were a few individuals that 
shined in their events. Captains Jon Gault and 
Hope Bigda-Peyton mode states along with 
Sarah Gault, Hamish MacPhoil, Kotelyn Mohen, 
and Dell Bennett. By the end of the season, the 
team was practically family. 

Now, go on a 10 minute school-run. 

Left, Top to Bottom: Joryd Heyl carries the baton in the boys 4x400 relay Soroh 
Goult sets the pace for the girls 2 Mile run Homish MacPhoil finished off the hnol 
leg of the boys Medly relay Right: Dell Bennett raised the bar for the boys high 
jump, quolifying for states in the first meet of the season 

Top Row: Ryan Mdloy. Andrew Thomas, James Wang, Minghan Chang, Deiek Ching, 
Jaryd Heyl, Alex Bradford. Middle Row: James Washer, Devon Tate, Ben Richler, Geena 
Chen, Anne Dickenson -Mete, Couilney Staoey, Front Row: Coach Al, Sarah Gault Hamish 
MacPhail , Jen Tate (C), Sam Fote (C), John Gault (C), Katetyn Mohen, Coach Shider 


Top, Left to Right; 
When if comes to the 
55m Dash, freshman 
Ben Richter was our 
go-to man. Not only 
was Katelyn Mohen a 
beast at the 800m, she 
was on integral part of 
the girls Medly relay. 

Right: Jen Tate, a 
captain and versatile 
meber of the team, 
was willing to try any 
event, even the long 

On your marks. 

Bortom: Senior captain Hope Bigda-Peyton always has a face of intensity as she bounds into 
the sand pit. Says Bigda-Peyton, "Although it might not hove been the most successful season 
overall, we come together and supported each other. It was a diverse group of people and we 
really hod fun together." 



The captains of the swim team this year were 
Kevin Lu, Dennis Lam, and Katie Levenstein. The 
team swam against more difficult teams this year, 
due to the changing of the league, but they 
worked hard and swam very well against these 
teams. The team has been growing every year, 
which is great because it used to be so small, and 
since the team has gained more swimmers it has 
become much more successful. The practice are 
intense and involve both in and out of water work- 
outs, and while these workouts ore grueling, the 
team still manages to have an awesome time at 
practices, meets, and team gatherings. The swim 
team was very successful this year, even though 
they didn't have on undefeated season, all the 
swimmers improved immensely. 

The 25 member of the swim team pose for their team pictures with coaches Dotty 
Blake and Matt Rose. 


This year was a fun and fulriiiing 
year for the BHS hockey team. 
For the first time, the team had 
its own home rink at The Edge 
Sports Center, as opposed to the 
past several years where they 
have played at Valley Sports in 
Concord. The team was shown 
more support than in recent years 
as many fans came out to The 
Edge to watch all of the games. 
Some came for the action and 
competition while others came to 
watch the teams big men, Andy 
and Will, hit players on the other 
team. With a large, talented un- 
derclassmen portion of the team, 
BHS hockey has a very bright 
future in the coming years. 




It was a chilly January afternoon at Mount Nashoba. There 
was a certain tingle in the air that felt like victory, and the 
BHS Alpine Ski Team felt it. In their ex-baby diaper bibs, 
the team made their way to the summit to prepare for the 
race. The anticipation was tense, butterflys a flutter in the 
stomachs of the skiers. Some racers jumped up and down 
to keep warm, some talked, some forget their race time and 
went skiing in the park. No matter what they were doing, 
they wanted to race. As the snow demons were called to the 
race start they knew bounty that waited for them past the 
finish. They had their two coaches; a snowboarder, and a 
firefighter with a crippled arm, waiting to shore their assur- 
ing words of wisdom. There was the hot chocolate with tiny 
little marshmoiiows, and those awesome mini peanut butter 
treats. But, to reach that bounty, the skiiers hod to pass 
through pure technical challenge. The skiiers knew what 
they hod to do, they hod trained well in the winter wonder- 
land that is Nashoba Valley Ski Area. All they needed to 
hear were the ubiquitous words, "Racer ready, 3-2-1 GO!." 
Skibaggoh, oh yes, ski baggoh 

Above: Seniors Lauren Sarson (left) and Sam Rober (right) speed down the mountain. Lauren, who prides 
herself in learning how to properly ski this year, makes an exceptional tum around a GS gate. Sam, w ho wears 
her lucky pink shirt and aerodynamic cut-ol^ jean shorts cuts through the course. 

Seniors Kevin Johnson (left) and Joe Ball (right) shimmy 
down the hill striving towards the finish. 

Coaches: Gunnar Olsen and Chris Springer 
Top Row (left to right): Kelsey O'Conner, Matt Tiano, 
Erik Lorsson, David Coin, Joe Tiano, Chris Donovan, 
Kevin Barry. 

Middle Row; Nick loffredo, Mae Steinberg, Amy 
Campbell, Sally Waters, Zach inz, Nick Giglio. 
Bottom Row: Brett Plugis, Lauren Sarson, Kevin John- 
son, Sam Rober, Annie Leslie, Joe Ball. 


Below: Freshman Luke "Pooctiie" Vatcher's crazy terrain park inspired 
skiing and attire helped him on his first GS race. 

Left: Sophomore Malt Tiano, 

also \\ earinsi the newest skiins; 

sporting his "super" suit 

banks a let\ turn on his way "■"'-■h (a.t-otTjean shorts) 

down the hill. g^'-"'' " '"^"'^ ^"^^ 

the finish. 



Unlike the cold weather outside 
the Winter Cheerleaders were HOT 
this year with new uniforms and new 
moves. They helped to cheer on the 
team and keep the crowds P-S-Y-C-H- 
E-D. They participated in two competi- 
tions this year. In the second competi- 
tion the girls earned a second place 

With three seniors leaving after 
this year, the team may suffer a loss. 
However five freshman on the varsity 
team, there ore only HIGH hopes 
for the upcoming years. Mrs. Billouin 
worked hard with the team to choreo- 
graph and perfect routines, and did a 
great job! 

Fly High! (at left) the flyers of the girls winter cheerleading 
team show that they con easily defy gravity! 






For the past several seasons the 
boys basketball team has provided 
the school with an anual event— the 
playoffs. The games, however, are 
about more than just a chance for 
the players to showcase their talents. 
They are a chance for students, 
parents, alumni, faculty and fans to 
come together in celebration. 

"We had a small marching band this year, but we all got 
really close. It was my favorite year''- Caitlin Hall 

Despite the fact that this 
year's Winter Orchastra and 
Band Concert took place in the 
John Glenn Middle School due 
to the ongoing construction 
at the high school, the show 
went off without a hitch. The 
the wind section blowing, and 
the strings. ...stringing, the 
show was a success for all 
the talented, young musicians 

Above: Sophomores Kevin Barry, and 
Cotter Ellis along with Junior Alex 
Bradford carry the percussion section 

Below: Senior Erica Milia and Mr. 
Maffa play together in the string 

Tournament of Plays 

The annual Tournannent of Plays on Novennber 30th, 
2007 was one of the best all-around perfornnances BHS 
has put on in a very long tinne. Each grade raised the bar 
and delivered with witty dialogue, innpressive sets, and 
award-winning acting. Though a valiant effort by all, the 
Sophonnore class came away with the win, beating the 
others to the finish line. 

Class Act 

Above: Jynette Demarco sweeps away all 
her competition in the junior play. 


No man has the right to dictate what other 
men should perceive, create or produce, but 
all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, 
their perceptions and emotions, and to build 
confidence in the creative spirit 

-Ansel Adams 

Two of three portraits shown of Liz 
Han taken by Linday McGrory . 

And the winners 

"The BHS Art Department would like to 
acknowledge the following students whose 
work we chose to submit to the Boston Globe 
Scholastic Art Show: Joe Ball, Sophie Bell, 
Alex Budden, Kit CoUver, Mike Dale, Linda 
Fonseca, Liz Hart, Mike Petschek, Caity 
Urquhart, Suzanne Warner, Sheila Werth and 
Nicole Yen. We would like to congratulate the 
following students whose work was selected 
for awards: Joe Ball will receive a Gold Key ( 
highest honor) for his Photography Portfolio, 
Kit Collver will receive a Gold Key for her 
Art Portfolio and a Silver Key ( 2nd highest 

in the Painting Category, Mike Dale will 
receive an Honorable Mention (3rd honor) 
in Ceramics, Mike Petschek will receive an 
Honorable Mention in Digital Photo, Caity 
Urquhart will receive an Honorable Mention 
in Photography and Sheila Werth will 
receive an Honorable Mention in Sculpture 
. These students will receive their awards at 
a ceremony in Boston on Sunday, February 
1 1th. The art department will be taking a field 
trip to the show in Boston on Thursday Feb 
7th." --Ms. Devany 

Nicloe Yen's entry (above) 

A painting by Linda Fonseca (top), and "Sunburst" a 
piece by Mike Petschek (below) 


t I m 


Right: Signed, sealed. ..delivered? Chris Bridgeman 
attempts to convince some fellow classmates to join 
his club. 

Below: 1-N-T-E-R-A-C-T! Danielle Basile supports the 
Interact Club. 


\m\ buddies ^ 

Above: Buddy up! Ms. Santos and .Allison Baker present 
the popular Best Buddies club. 

Right: Hats on. Nisha Acharya and Nicolle Kuhn Right: Sign up! A flurr> of BHS students sign up for 
encourage people to join the Spanish Club. various clubs. 

Kickoff Day! 

Singing up at the activities... fair 

Cafe-A was noisy and bustling as students went from table to table in search of free 
candy and interesting clubs to join. In the initial excitement of the Activities Fair, the 
majority of BHS students joined more clubs than they could ever have time to attend. 
However, the students that remained committed to their clubs demonstrated a broad 
diversity of interests at BHS. From numerous bake sales, competitions, and community 
service initiatives to simply hanging out with friends, eating, or chatting in a foreign 
language, BHS clubs offer a welcoming community and a place for students to explore 
their passions. 

Left: Step Up! Janelle Clachar and Courtney Thompson 
show off their best moves during a performance at the 
Activities Fair. 

Above: Concentrate. Shreyas Ravi focuses intenlly 
during a chess match. 

Left: >'ou'\c got mc conNinccd! Victoria Taggart signs 
up lor the c\cr popular Spanish Club. 

Science League 

Top Left: Got Smart? Jacob 
Moore, Emily Eggert, and 
Kristine Tom work on part of 
a challenge for the Science 

Right: Bombs away! Sam 
Roseman, Marissa Weichman, 
and Sowmya Varada get ready 
to launch a catapult. 

The Science League is the perfect group for anyone passionate about science. 
Members of the club compete against other towns doing science challenges and 
have always done well. Want proof? Check out the trophies in lower H that this 
clever club has garnered. 


Inquiry reenacts 
significant event 
American history. 


Inquiry in most basic terms is like a mock U.N. Every year, Inquiry participates 
in an annual event at Tufts U. Inquiry clubs come from states all over the U.S. 
to participate in this event. It is a lot of fun, as well as very educational and 
informative about current events. 

Chess Club 

The Chess Club is one of the most successful clubs in BHS. It competes 
against chess teams from other towns and does very well. If you enjoy 
chess, you should join this talented team! 


Back Row: Mike Wittman, Nipunn Koorapati, Tommy Barkovic, Shreyas 
Ravi, Jacob Fine 

Front Row: Jeff Shen, Eric Devaux, Kritti Manne 


Eric Devaux focuses 
in on a tough game of 


"E3." Two members of 
the chess team face off. 


Check mate. A member 
of the chess team 
participates in an intense 
game of chess. 

H.O.S.T & Stylus 

HOST provides an easy 
transition into BHS 
and is a great way to 
introduce new kids to 
the way things actually 
work around here. 

Top: Welcome! Hosts 
give new students the 
lowdown on BHS. 

Right: The Stylus crew pose for 
a recreation of the last supper. 

H.O.S.T. (Helping Our Students Together) is a program that started at the end 
of 2006-2007 to give new students a personal guide of our school. The arriving 
students are matched up with a "host" who shares similar interests, and who can 
offer a casual and welcoming tour to introduce them to the student life at BHS. 

4 I 

Stylus is the renowned literary magazine of BHS. A group of students dedicate 
a lot of time and effort into releasing this magazine several times a year. If you 
have a piece of literature you wrote and you are proud of, don't hesitate to submit 

Nervous and excited freshmen anticipate BHS's Freshmen Orientation, planned 
out by the Junior Mentors. 

Junior Mentors is a large club compiled of Juniors that are model students and 
good role models. Their job is to set an example of how a BHS student should 
act and excell, as well as help the Freshmen settle into high school life. 

Left: What next? A group of fresh- 
men await the next event in an excit- 
ing Freshmen Orientation. 

Top: Freshmen enjoy an orientation 
barbeque and catch up after the 

Left: We mean business.Juniors 
Emma Howie and Shannon 
Gallagher look out for any 
Freshmen that need their help 
during the Freshmen Oriental ion. 

Top: Heads up! Jumors Alex 
Bradford and Alex Russo join 
inin the fun during Freshmen 

Right: The Spanish Club 
gathers for an activity cel- 
ebrating Spanish culture. 

Top: Death can be a party! 
Mae Steinberg and Estefi 
Castonada chat while deco- 
rating sugar skulls for el Dia 
de los Muertos. 

Right: Candy! The Spanish 
Club entices new members 
with sweets and sombreros. 

Top: jViva Mexico! Nisha 
Achoryo and Nicolle Kuhn 
enjoy festive Latin culture at 
the Activities Fair. 

Spanish Club 


The Spanish Club celebrates Hispanic culture by hosting fiestas to 
give members the opportunities to practice speaking in Spanish, listen 
to Spanish music, and even learn some spicy dance moves from Spain 
or Latin America. jQue caliente! 

Dance Club 

Hard work clearly pays off - Bedford's dancers impress the school 
with performances at the pep rally and at the end of the year dance 
show. Can't put a damper on these bangin' moves! 

The Dance Club warms up for a smokin' pep rally performance to 
Pitbull's "Fuego" . 

Left: Katie Donnellan 
leads off one of the 
Dance Club's smokin' 
performances. ^ 

Top: Step up! Janelle 
Clachar and ... step to the 

Left: Britney Asselin and fel- 
low dancers at practice. 

Top: Cuidado con el fuego! 
Jen Tate gets her groove on 
wfiile practicing for the pep 

Drama Club 

Above: "Want some 
Freudian advice?" Caity 
Urquahrt is Freud during 
the Senior Play. 
Right: "Rayyymonnd..." 
Katelyn Mohen lectures 
Ray Maladowitz during 
the Junior Play. 


Ryan Malloy gets his 
inner freak on during 
their play. 


The Drama Club is by far one of the largest clubs at school. It puts on several 
events during the year, including Tournament of Plays and the Spring Play. Also, 
the club goes on an annual field trip to New York City for a weekend to see plays 
If you have any interest in acting, you should join! 


Brian Pabian ponders some Freudian advice during the Senior Play. 

ROTC is a large BHS club as well as a class. Kids interested in going into the 
military after high school, or even kids just interested in the military related 
activities and events, really enjoy ROTC. ROTC is an interactive club as well, 
giving students the chance to meet ROTC members from other schools. 

"Left, left, left nght left!" 
Some BHS ROTC students 
march during the Bedford 
Day Parade. 


March! ROTC braves the 
rain during the Bedford Day 


"Atten-hut!" Some ROTC members make up the Color Guard during a Bedford 
home football game. 


ROTC members march 
on to present the flags at a 
football came. 

i^ecently J sat doP 
^^ccr Wardweli, the 
Resource Officer. Aft( 
^'""^es I concluded tl 
«^ cool dude. Not onJ 


graders to Washi 
^. and even finWo o^, 

a ice? 

"--^ some hobbies thTr^'*^''e Davis anri r"' 

s newspaperjind uearbo A: ^ 

lewspaperjina i^eai 


Write up. Annie Leslie and Adrien Jarvis 
(left) browse through other yeorbooks for 
ideas at the Columbia conference. 

: 5: 

City side. wFiile in New York City student 
publishers take time to visit Rockafeller Cen- 
ter. There they were able to check out the 
ce skating rink oustide NBC Studios. 

ft C M E T H 


•'oe and Kevm, ' 


Advisory Councii 

Right: The Latin Club assem- 
bles for a snapshot before 
the party begins. 

Top: Et tu, Brute? Stephen 
Dalrymple and Sahil Tem- 
bulkar get into their roles as 

The Latin Club during their traditional Roman toga party. Latin Club 
gatherings celebrate Roman culture and traditions and put a modern 
spin on this not-so-dead language. 

Right: T-O-G-A! Stephen 
Dalrymple, Sally Waters, 
and Olver Goldschmidt 
prepare for the festivities. 


Top: Toga-ing ain't easy. ""^ 
Oliver Goldschmidt strug- 
gles to put on his toga with 
the help of Mrs. Alexander. 

They may not have as much funding as the football team, but most 
sunny days you're sure to find a dedicated squad of kids showing off 
their moves on the ultimate frisbee field. 

Left: Thomas Hatvany, 
Tony Hronowski, and 
Scott Doherty scramble 
for the frisbee. 

Top: Fris-ballin'! Tom 
Grunes makes a flying 

Left: Run! The Frisbee Clu 
sprints down the field 

The Frisbee Club prepares for battle. After throwing off the frisbee, 
Genesis Reyes, Britney Asselin, and the rest of the frisbee team 
prepare to launch their defense. 

Top: Wait - where's the 
frisbee? Two club members 
horse around. 


paid programming 

A Block 

B Block 

p. 148 

C Block 

D Block 

E Block 

Paid Programing _ 

Some teachers are like infomercials: they drone on 
for an hour without saying much. Fortunately for you, 
BHS teachers only sell top-of-the-line productslJust 
four easy payments of $19. 99!. ..but if you order now 
it's free! That's right, free! 

Ms. Kurzman helps out Matt 
Brown while learning about the 
different properties of hair in 
Forensics Class. 

Extra Help? No Problem for Mrs. 
Sullivan. She is always more 
than willing to help her students, 
like Jenni Keefe, to improve their 

A class act. Ms. Billouin (right) 
gives one of her freshman health | 
students the clue to charades 
that will test their knowledge of 
this year's learned topics. 

!n his first year Mr. Celucci has made a big Although he actually went to Concord- 
impact Carlisle Mr. Donnelrey was awarded an 

honary letter from BKS 

^ '!i^ .^r<- on the cannonball insk 
r jarrel is equal and oppo; 
ce causing the cannon to 

^ ^ 

Rose's law. Mr. Rose (above) lectures his freshman physics 
class about different physics concepts, including mass, 
acceleration, velocity, and the centripital force of spinning 

he always helpful Mr. Berlino is one of 
nany teaghers who also advise many 
jxtra-cumcuiar groups. 

Alexander Kim 
Allen Angela 
Amico Eugene 
Barnett Barbara 
Basile Ann 

Bitlouin Elizabeth 
Boschetto David 
Brincklow William 
miller Marcia 

Carlson Rich 
^ Caves Eileen 
Celucci Coby 
Connolly Kevin 
D'androgora Nancy 

Daley Shawn 
Davis Whitney 
Devaney Aleta 
Donnelly Richard 
Edris Christopher 

Fay Thomas 
Felkers Jim 
Flannery Lisa 
Ford Karen 
Frank Karen 

Freedman Jerome 
Gelormini Arlene 
Gisone Ceiic 
Griffin Michael 
Hannon Gail 

Taylor Carrie 
Terenzoni Denise 
Thorsen Nancy 
Tocci Kristen 
Towie Janine 

Tracey Kevin 
Twombly Carol 
Venkatesh C.G. 
Verrier Paula 
Voqel Kristen 

Warddell Jeff 
Webster Kathleen 
Whittier Ken 
Wieder Kenneth 
Zahka Joseph 


senior thanks & ads 

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channel 2008 


E Block 

senior thanks 

Kevin Abraham 

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on 
for so long." 

"Never regret your past-what's meant to be w ill be." 
"You know dey' saw \ ouuu!" 

"\X'e ride together; we die together; Bucappella's fo lyfe!" 
First and foremost I want to thank God for blessing me 
these past four years; without His guidance I would have 
never been able to achieve as much as 1 have. Next I want 
to thank my family for their continuous support that 
gave me strength to keep moving forward even when I 
found myself read)' to quit. Not only have you endured 
my constant complaining, but you are the reason I am 
who I am today. I hope I've made you guys proud! My 
MADS buddies and fellow Bucappella founders, .Andrew 
and Joe... one phrase: ALLST.ARS ARR Wl' READY!?... 
YF.S WF: RF,ADY-YI<:S VC F RF;ADY!!! Memories with 
you gu\ s have been priceless and only more to come. My 
LOEGP members, all I know is that "J Viddi" is about 
have her car keyed! (~orinne (Gassy Weeks), we started 
off as acquaintances and then you became my personal 
stalker. . .jus kiddin! 1 thought having every class with you 
was gonna be a killer, but I guess it turned out aight! AUi 
G. . .all 1 have to say is ur madd rude. ..or at least you 
used to be! 1 would have never passed math if it wasn't 
for you. . .good lookin out g! Pallavi, my neighbor since 
elementary... fun times drivin to school, and I'm sure I'll 
be seeing you around! |en, Bridget, and Hopey. . .always 
coming through with bomb baked goods and never losing 
touch even when we didn't have classes' together, thanks 
guys. C'olleen, definitely the goofiest laugh ever heard, 
made English class all the more interesting. The infamous 
"white bread," otherwise known as "salmon." Good 
memories my fnend. Heather, my fellow class officer 
and the glue that held everything together all these vears! 
Working together built an amazing friendship that will 
conunue on. We did it guys... BHS CLASS OF OHIlHll 

Keith Anderson 

Above :\\\, I'd like to say thank you to all my friends who 
made my last years of high school a memorable time. I 
wish 1 could thank all of you gu\ s individualh because 
each one of you has made the experience worthwhile. 
However, I don't have the mone\' to list all of you, but if 
you are one of m\- fnends, thank vou for the best times of 
mv life. 

Rebecca Aronson-Waintrup 

These were reallv cra/y \cars. I want to thank mv mom for 
always being there for me and my dad, Taylor, Bill, 1 jnda. 
Kimberly, Samantha, and the rest of my family for being 
a great family and being there for me too. I want to thank 
Liz for being m\ best friend throughout most of high 
school and all die (un and interesting memories we've had 
together. I'd also like to thank Lindsay for being another 
best friend and for all the fun nights and jokes we've had. 
I'd like to thank Mike and Warren for being so interesting 
and being such fun friends. I'd like to thank Ana and 
Michelle for all the good times. I'd like to thank Greg to 
for growing up \xith me and still being my friend. To all my 
other friends, vou know who vou are, thanks so much for 

all the great memories. Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone 
for making m\' high school experience unique. I wish \ou 
all the best. 

Charlene Asp 

Cf)ar, Charkeny 

I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me, especially: 
Mom - Thank you for all the work that you've done for me. 
Also for all the support that you've given me throughout 
the years. C^oming to all my games and cheering me on. 
I really appreciate every thing you have done. Thank 
you. Dad- Thanks for the support you have given me 
throughout my life. Even though you haven't been at all 
my games I know you wanted to be there. Thank you for 
everything that you ha\e df)ne for me, helped me with, 
and taught. I can't thank you enough. .\lea(>an - Thanks for 
putting up wnth me, everything that I say to you. Thank 
you for playing catch with me. .\lso for encouraging me 
to do things. I know you didn't have to do any of these 
things, but I am really glad that you did. Ciamma - Thank 
you for coming to all of my games even when I didn't ask 
you to. I really appreciate you being there and cheering 
me (jn even when I wasn't doing that well. I don't know 
how to thank you enough. I w ant to say thank you to 
all my friends and my team mates. I couldn't have gone 
through all the pracnces with out you guys. I want to thank 
everyone who has been there for me. 

Joe Ball 

halls, ]osepbina, Gri^y 

For as long as 1 can remember, 1 have been the guy who 
has mentioned how I want to get out of Bedford A.S.A.P., 
usually while mennorung how the state of California is 
better. Now, that the end of our time in Bedford is quickly 

approaching, I find myself. even more ready to leave. 

Sorry, I w-asn't going to pull any sentimental crap, I'm 
ready for a change of scenery'. Any-way, on to my short and 
sweet thanking of people. l irst, I would like to thank all of 
my teachers, especially those in the Art (Shemfeld, you're 
the man), English, and Social Smdies departments. To my 
friends: Sorry guys, no names. I'm cheap, and I'll probably 
forget someone, w hat can I say. I^ts just say. If you have 
ever hung out (or spilled anything) in mv basement, simul- 
puked in my sink and toilet, participated in one of mv 
"fiestas," snuck out of school to go to a Red Sox game, 
shared pngersnaps, or attended a concert with me, you 
belong in my senior thanks. Thanks friends, we should all 
turn out all right w herever we end up, right? VX'ell, that's 
about it, adios everybody, I'm sorry if I were a little weird 
throughout the years, I would be so boring otherwise. 

Dell Bennett 

^'ou got no time for the messenger. 

Got no regard for the thing that you don't understand. 

You got no fear of the underdog. 

That's why you will not sur\ive! 

-Spoon- The Underdog 

I'm thankful for many things, but mostly I'm thankful I'm 
done. Thanks to my whole family for pushing me through 
school. My brother Keith, thanks for knocking me out 

and doing stupid stuff with me. Thanks to all my fnends, 
I can't afford to name all of you, but you know who 
you are. The XC team, keep tippin* them trees! My team 
and 2"^ family. Northern Persuasion, keep ballin. And to 
everybody else: bye. 

Hope Bigda-Payton 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committi 
citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing 
that ever has." 
-Margaret Mead 
AjX'A PUF^! 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, |oe, and Sam for Io\ing and 
supporting me. Jen - for being my sister. Sammy - for 
growing up with me. I juren - for Wachusctt and 
Gingerbread. Molly - for Eagles Mere & much more. To 
all my amigos • I don't have enough space to describe ho\- 
awesome you are! Thank you Niven - you rock! TTianks tc 
everyone who made me laugh, think, or smile - you have 
made this all worth it. 

Andrew Busa 

Bitsa, Drew, Andy 

"In case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, ; 
good night!" 
-- The Truman Show 

"From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way." 

- Cal\in and Hobbcs 
"life is full of surprises, but never when you need one." 

- Cal\in and Hobbes 
"\X'e ride together, we die together. Bucappellas for life."' 
— Kc\in .\braham 
"Goodbye cafeteria, hello computer programming rot)m 
--Mike Wittman 

"Hasselhoff, button up the shin!" 
--Bill Johnson 

Here we are. . .Senior year. I couldn't have got through 
these past 18 years without the help of my family and 
friends, so here's to them. MOM - for picking me up 
from every-where, taking care of me when I'm sick, 
coming to all my sports games, seeing things the way 
they truly are, and encouraging me to explore my music 
side. . . D,\D - for alwa\-s being up for a good discussio 

- whether it be about sports, politics, or just joking aroui 
Thanks for coaching \irtually every team I've been on, 
teaching me lessons in life, always being up for one of I 
strange ideas or jokes, and for always being around to i 
something fun when I'm bored. KATIE - ^'ou've always 
been a fiin and upbeat person to be around, and there's 
never been a dull moment! Thanks for always being abk 
to make me laugh, watching syndicated T\', supporting 
my good ideas, and helping me with schoolwork. TIM 

- Thanks for being a good older brother -playing spor 
\ideo games, a lot of laughs, gi\ing me ad\ice in sports, 
music, or life in general. For letting me hang around 
with you and your fnends when I was younger, dri\ing 
me places. . .you've defirutely had a large influence on 
my personality and humor. T.\IL\ - Thanks for always 
understanding the oddity of my humor, for alwa)-s gi\i 

and realistic advice, shark (me) and minnow (you), 
nc r ittcmpting to take) me out on day trips, going 
w itli mora and dad ail the time, making up games 
ourselves busy. So thanks to my family - I'll 

iiiiil'miiimr"°"r ''" 

ays look back and cherish these memories with you 
s. I RIF.NDS - (In Alphabetical order of last name) 
lEN'IN - home dawgs for life!, always making me laugh, 
EGP, Bucappclla, being a gangster, working on every 
project in high school together, introducing me to your 
ian culture ... "ohh . . . sorrr\•^•^y" . . . you're the man . . . 
iM - giving me rides, fantasy baseball ("the wildwood 
ords"), best day ever!, remembering every inside joke 
they're blue!!!), understanding the greatness that is 
\- Meets World and Wikipedia, introducing me to The 
fice. . .BILL - w^eird jokes (i.e. the conspicuous botones), 
tor\' fair competition (\' for Sweemess vs. LOEGP), 
cappcUa, fantasy baseball ("illegal projectiles and 
mbcr propert\"), tourney of plays, having every major 
;ethcr junior year. . . DAN M - being a cool neighbor, 
ng laid back, fantasy baseball (the Y armouth spring was 
ised because of you), understanding all of my jokes, 
)EGP... DENNIS - Fire Emblem. 'Nuff said. JOHN 
■ Whole Foods brothers — ping pong (I'll play you 
ne day), always talking about colleges, sports, Bucappella 
rfect pitch park)JOE - we've always been close friends, 
nks for ~ close families, musicals, madrigal, Bucappella, 
dgewood, video games, the only conservatives in the 
lool, LOEGP, fantasy baseball, ("isn't cory patterson 
y sports?"). . .COLLEEN — I'm always over your and 
:'s house - earing dinner with your family is awesome, 
n stop laughing, going to your sports games - I've been 
.•nds with you as long as I have been \xith Joe, so thanks! 
e Strachan family in general. . .you are one of a kind! . . . 
KE — LOEGP, always making academic jokes, being 
lUy smart, fantasy baseball ("the politics of the league") 
thanks guys, if I missed anyone, sorry. . .Finally, thank 
u to the Boston Boys Fantasy Baseball League! 4 years 
ong. . .will we be doing this when we're 50? I'd like to 
d up with thanking teachers who have had a positive 
luencc on my high school career: Mr. Low, Mr. Niven, 
r. Boschetto, Mr. Donnelly, Ms. Luke. . .you all made my 
or years at BHS much more enjoyable. 

tephanie Butler 

le years flew by so fast. I can't believe it's over already, 
lank you to all those who helped me adjust to the new 
tiool half way through my sophomore year. I'd also like 
thank my family for helping me prepare so early for 
is drastic change and guiding me throughout the years, 
lank you to those who were there for me when I needed 
■u most. Best of luck Class of 2008!!! 

'imothy Cederberg 

ederberg, Tim my C, Seeds, Cheeseburger, Cederpup 

'm cold."- Dan 

)est time to tan is between 10 AM to 2 PM, I'm about to 

;t my tan on!"- Dan 

Cyle, that lay-up was nice!"- Dan and 1 

don't get it..."- Dan and I 
lot to do the tweak!"- Brian 

just G'ed that thing!"- Brian 
O'ould, of course, like to start by thanking my two 
ntastic parents. Mom, you truly are a blessing and I thank 
>u for pushing me to do my best and always being there 
' take care of my problems, no matter the size. Dad, I 
n glad you have given me the pnvilege of answering 
>ur 'dumb' questions even if I did not seem interested in 
lem at the time. You are always able tt) make me laugh. 

Chuck, my older brother, ) ou have been my role model 
for as long as I can remember. We have had so many good 
times together: making up wrestling moves, playing sports 
and playing video games. I^ura, you are one of the kindest 
people 1 have ever met and the best sister I can ask for 
Whenever I need sonieoiie. I cm coliiii on m >u id jlsiin-- 
understand and to look oul for me, thank noli. I'h.inks to 
the rest of my family, I love you all so much. 
Now for my friends, the reason school was worth waking 
up for at 6:50 in the morning. Brian- You are one of the 
best friends I have ever had - we have had some amazing 
rimes at your house watching, and in your car singing the 
High School Musicals. I'll miss you. Dan- It was awesome 
to end up randomly lost in Weston one night when we had 
nothing to do. We were a juggernaut duo when it came to 
messing with people. You are hilarious and I can always 
count on you to make me laugh, josh- Slip n' Slide with 
the macho man helmet was hilarious, we have had a lot of 
good rimes together Greg, Kyle, and Chris- Thanks for 
all the funny and awesome times we have shared together. 
Other friends: JD, Josh Kal, Joe B, Keith, NLkc T. Aaron, 
Nick, Andrew, joe S, and Dan K. Last but not least, 
Hannah- You are an amazing and beautiful person, and 
you have made high school an amazing experience. I know 
I can always count on you to make me smile and always 
put me in a good mood, thank you so much. I will miss 
you terribly. Thank you to everyone else I missed. 

Olga Chambers-Maher 

Olgie, OIgs, Bjtssiiiii, Star 

Quote: "And in the end, it's not the \ears in your life that 
count. It's the life in your years." -Abe Lincoln 
-Mom and Dad thank you for ever)thing you ha\ e done 
for me throughout my past eighteen years. Thank you for 
always having faith in everything I do and being there for 
me everyday. Ana, Nick, and Ben thank you all for being 
the best older siblings I could ever ask for. Thank you 
Maher cousins for spoiling me and always putting a smile 
on my face. Love you all. 

-Thank you Bucs soccer for 4 amazing years of soccer 
especially my last two years. Thank you for being all 
amazing people and soccer players. Good luck next year, 
I'll miss you all! 

-Thank you teachers for helping me get to w here I am 
today in my academics. Thank you especially Ms.Sav for 
putting up with me with me for 4 years in high school, I 
couldn't have asked for a cooler or better LC teacher. 
-Thank you bestfriends and friends for all that you have 
done for me to make my years amazing, being crazy with 
me and always keeping me happy. 
-Camp Favorite thank you all for making me a better 
person. My past summers would never have been so 
amazing if it weren't for all the amazing people I've met 
there. Summer '07 staff thank you for being the most 
amazing people I have ever met and making that summer 
an unforgettable one. 

Wei Chi Chang 

Niven, sorry, this is going to be corny. But thanks for 
helping me last year. Ciriff, Doc, and Luke: thanks for 
all of your guidance. To my friends who have put up 
with me these past years and have kept me relatively 
sane, to family for support only you guys can give, to my 
procrastinating buddies, and to my endless music playlist: 
thanks for everything. Oh, and thanks for this thanks that 1 
procrastinated on. 

Kelsey Chapman 

Mom- Thank you for being you! Thank you for every 
meal you have ever made me, for doing my laundry, for 

having such good taste, and for mrning me into a complete 
California girl. You have always been there for me. I 
appreciate it more than I can ever say. Dad- Thank \ou 
for watching Red Sox games with me, for teachmg me 
to play tennis, and for always asking "How'd your nding 
k '.son go?" You always have a way of showing me that you 
c.irc, and that means the world to me. (^ait- Thank you for 
being the best big sister I could ever ask for Thank you 
for introducing me to my love of fashion, for all the times 
you did my hair and makeup before a dance, for being so 
caring, and for putting up with me. You arc so beautiful. 
Riley- For being the sweetest pup ever! Ashley- Thank 
you for coming up to me on our first day of kindergarten! 
I f you hadn't, I don't know how- 1 would have made it 
through the past 1 ?> years. Thank you for being my best 
friend, for your abilit}- to know w hat I'm thinking just by 
looking at me, for all the times we've rocked out to music 
in your car, and for being spontaneous with me! You are 
amazing. Bridget- For being my friend since 2"'' grade! 
Thank you for busting out moves with me on the dance 
floor, for all the times we have laughed together, and for 
always being there when I need to talk. I will never forget 
the seven years of French classes we've endured together! 
Brian- Thank you for walks t{) Davis school, aerosmith, 
rides in your car, and for always being a gentleman. Your 
friendship has meant so much to me. But most of all, 
thank you for liking me for who I am. Dan- Thank you for 
being a geek! )ust kidding. Thank you for always making 
me smile no matter what, for all the text messages, for 
letting me punch you (or try to), and for being an amazing 
friend, josh- Thank you for always making me laugh. More 
importandy, for being my Histor\' Fair parmer! Thanks for 
sticking out U-His with me, no matter how many times we 
complained, for photo class, and for being a math dork. 
Jacqi- Thank you for Ben jokes at BF', for being a Starbucks 
fanatic, and for being able to talk about anything. Thank 
you for being one of the most caring people I know. 
Caitlin- Thank you for going to horse camp with me! I'm 
so glad we had that experience together. Thank you for 
always being so kind and so caring; I'll never forget it. 
Katie- for learning the Crazy in U>ve dance with me, Eggo 
w affles, and for alw ays making me feel welcome in your 
home. Maya- for your love of fashion, for our random 
shopping trips, for experiencing L..\. together for the first 
rime! Thank you for always understanding me. Catherine- 
BEEF! For country concerts, beach days, 0(~ nights, and 
Maine. Thank you for growing up with me and being my 
second sister from day one. Bedford Farms- Thank you to 
Dave and Mr \' for being the coolest bosses ever! To all 
the girls for making ever\' shift fun, hilarious, and go by a 
little bit faster Thank you to the Iwanchuk's, the Hiniker's, 
and the Kelt) 's. Also thank you to Ana, |en, 1 juren, Greg, 
Kyle, Corinne, Kane L, |oe, Tim and anyone else that 
made high school a little more tolerable. 

Staci Chin 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for supporting me and pushing 
me to do better, Jamie for being the big bnithcr Thanks to 
Cat, Alex, Katherinc, Soreen, landa, Dan, F.rica, Nipunn, 
Dennis, Ke\nn, Sowmya, Marissa, Kim, and anyone else I 
missed for all your craziness, chillness, ping-ptmg, toa-ign 
music, kitchen crashing, beach, gctnng lost, ndcs to sch<M)l, 
bbq, cannoli, Italy, being smarter, ilnvcr's ed, voluntcenng, 
Spanish projects, sarcasm, bike trips, campmg. sleep 
ilepnveil epist>des, and awesonieness. 

Thanks to my family anil friends for putting up w itli mc, 
my ilrama, and my crude sense of humor, which I'm sure 
offended someone at some point... every day. I'm not 
gonna say names, because then I'U forget someone and 

he I .llk ll I '111 ' 111 II. ^. . ll SI illU i MU- h .ryCis I' i MLMl lll|\, 

I'll tnrgct al)out them. So M}'n m\ \earlK)ok . .\1 |R( ) IX . 
is the best program this school has. I've made some 
great friends in it, and the teachers are amusing, although 
bizarre. The past three years on the rifle team were 
awesome. Too many practices makes for a tight knit 
group, until the season ends and we all run away screaming. 
The trap team, although I've only been on it for two years, 
is great. People who shoot just seem to be more fun to 
hang out with. At the beginning of this sentence, I had 
fourteen words left, kthxbai 

Screen Cyphers 

Thanks to my parents for never letting me slack off 
completely, my friends for the laughs and parties. History 
Fair for making life miserable and allowing me to 
experience my first all-nighter, the I rench movie group for 
having the best projects ever, my teachers for making class 
interesting, the construction that folk)wed us from school 
to school, and finally the Bedford Public Schools for never 
giving us snow days. 

Katherine Donnellan 

Ka^e, Kay, Kati, Katrina 

"Cio ahead and laugh cause it don't cost much." 

"You can't make somebody happy until you, yourself, are 


"For the first time in 86 years, the Red Sox have won 
baseball's World (Championship. (Can you believe it?!" 
In nomine Patris, et l ilii, et Spintus Sancti. 
MOM: Thanks for everything. I'm truly lucky to have a 
mom as cool and caring as you are. I'm continually learning 
to appreciate everything Nou've done for me. DAD: I'll 
always be your little girl. Thanks to you I'm not only 
growing into the best person I can be (with a great sense 
of humor), but also the best Sox/Pats fanatic I can be! 
SEANY-BOY: I'm going to miss you being around, even 
though you're annonng (I'm kidding. Kind of) NANA 
& GRANDPA: You mean the world to me. I love you 
both so much! LISA: I'm really happy that we've become 
closer over the past few years. You've been a huge role 
model to me. CHRIS: Thanks for being there to talk to, 
especially for the times I've needed advice and you've been 
the only person I can trust. I^ne you, buddy. ELENI: 
My best friend. Since the summer before 8''' grade we've 
literal!)' been attached to the hip. I can't even remember 
a time when we haven't died laughing. N'ou've .MAV'AYS 
been there for me, even through the ups and downs and 
I love you tons! Yiyi. (Thanks to the ^X'allace's for letting 
me hang around even when Ij^n's not home.) ETHAN: 
Baby, you're incredible. You always know how to make mc 
smile and keep me grounded. \'ou're someone that has 
been a huge impact on m\ life and thank \ou for every 
amazing memory. One love might make the difference. 
JACQI: Thankyou for being my salad buddy!! I love you! 
FAMILY/FRIENDS: thanks for supporting mc through 
school and dance, teaching me everything that has made 
me who I am today. Special thanks to FCSOD: For the 
past 7 years you guys have been my life. I don't even know 
what I would have done without dance! 

Bobby Dellarocco 

The end ot our high school education close. There were 

so many great limes like "booj" and "righteous." Those for long talks w hile driving, countless mps to starliun 

moments will slay in our memories forever. I would like conversations in egg, laie night inps for ciMikiedough . 

to thank my parents for helping me through the years of icecream, going Ixiw ling with foreigners, volleyball. ;uki 

school, my buds for all the good times gnohng off, anil my for every other memory that I'll never forger. Thank y 

teachers for instilling so much km m ledg e thai w ill help me Boschetto for teaching me to ihink, Rosecan for Ix-m.? 

p > 1 'ii.iii . I )' MiiK II'. t' ir kni iTi;^ i xervthing and all mv 
oiher teachers. Thank you everyone for making me who 
am tixlay, I'll never forget you, I'll never forget this. 

Michelle Dyment 

"^ ou don't even know your sknnk from your skrod! You 
smpid logger blogger!" 

Ana, Will you still need mc, will you still feed me, when im 
sixty- four? Josh, Thanks for being my Herinione Ciranger. 
I Jz, Thanks in advance for escorting me on our year off 

of debauchery. Hey CChris Nevermind . |essica, you're 

rad. And to everyone else, sec you around Bedford. 

Sam Foltz 

"I jfe is like a box of chiKoIatcs you never know what 
your gunna get" Forrest Clump 

"They need to start farming", draws one stalk of corn," 
they each get a kernel." (Ihns and Me in Sundos class. 
"C;heb Say something m Swahili" Bret 
Thanks to all my friends and teachers it's been fun. 

Chris Foti 

I would like to thank my family for always pushing mc to 
try my best and alway s being a pain in the butt, especially 
my brother. I would like to thank all my teachers Ms. Sav, 
Mr. Peters, Dr. Haswell, (!!aptain (".arson, C.hief Fxlris and 
Ms. D'entromont to say a few. I want to thank Ciod for 
helping me not to flip out on teachers and not getting 
into trouble dunng my high school career. My friends that 
helped me laugh and chill out when times were stressful. 
My friends in R()T(;, and even out of R()T(; that heljied 
get through school. Sam I 'olts and 1 stalk of corn. 
Hopefully in four years I will be a 2~' l,t. In the Air Force. 

Tom Frank 

Vom, l ommy, The Homh 

(.Quotes: "Ciuys, stop making fun of my stupided!" -|oc 
"When life give you lemons, smash 'cm with a bat." 
-David Omz 

"\ do my thing and you do yours; I am I and you are you; 
but if in the enil we end up together, it's beautiful." -Boy 
Meets World 

\X here to begin? Thank you Mom and Dad for putting up 
with me and believing in me throughout the years. I can't 
even express in words how much you two have meant 
to me. Special thanks also goes to Carrie and Fmily for 
everything. Thanks to the league, nuff said. Thanks to all 
my other friends, t<x) many too name, but especially Greg, 
for gi\ ing me a place to spend every night of summer. 

Molly Frean 

Meef, Alpha-Sigma, Mo/, Alois, Mooly, MeggolUggy. 
"It is never too late to be what you ntight have been." 
-George Eliot 

"\'ou may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." 
-John Ivcnnon 

Thank you to my family, I don't know where I'd be without 
you. Mom, I cannot imagine a more amazing woman upon 
which to model myself Dad, you are incredible, I couldn't 
have asked for more in a dad. The rest of my family, you're 
truly one of a kind and I can't imagine life without you. 
My fnends, thank you for everything ■ for being there no 
matter what, for alphas, for sparky and being best friends. 

CaitUn HaU 

1 remember coming home from my first day of freshmai 
year and thinking, "I can't wait until I get out of this 
place." But as I begin my senior year, I finally appreciate 
how good we have it. To my teachers, thank you for 
constandy demanding bener from mc. Thank you to mv 
friends for the laughs, late nights, and uncondioonal love 
Most importandy, thank you to my family for shaping w 
I am today. 

Samm Hamilton 

1 irst ott, I would hke to thank the people who made it 
possible for me to be alive, my parents. Although I have 
been a brat, they kept trying and succeeding in teaching 
mc new lessons every day for when I gniw up and go of 
in the world all alone. Except I know I won't be alone 
because my family will always be there for me, and ditto 
trom me to them. Thank you Luscious Lucia and .\shy-t 
for being the bestest friends in the whole wide world a 
girl could have FA'F'R!!! I js Trcs Amigas forever!! ThanI 
to all my buddies Ryan. Ciabriel. .'\shlc\', Keith, Dell, 
Dobrochna, F.mily, Philip, jD.Paul, A.|., Peter Cottertail, 
Rob, and .Mex, you guys rock my socks off! Thanks to 
the supah-fantasnc-FL'*' teachers (thanks Ms. Tocci) whi 
have helped me through schixil and inspired me so mud 
Thanks to everybixly else I did not mention because 
you guys are t(K> cool to be named. Thanks for helping 
me throughout life and for helping make mc an amazing 
person with even more amazing fnends and family. I 'm 
peace! I love all of you <3 

Chris Haynes 

1 hroughout all ot my High Sch<K)l many people have 
influenced who I have become. I would just like to sc 
thanking my homies. Scott - Thank vou for always givin 
me a good laugh. Andy - Thank you for always giving i 
something to do on the wx'ckends and making mc fall in 
love with Halo. |osh - All I have to say is i\ carumba. 1 

- ^"ou never fail to stuff me like a turkey when it ct>mcs 
nme to play basketball. Dan- Thank you for all the wc 
and made up words that I can add to my vocab. (ireg 

- ^'ou give short athletes hope of actually being athlcnc 
Bnan - Thank you for always keeping the faith in the 
Pats and Red Sox. Sam ■ thanks for always being a good 
fnend, even if that means being brutally honest. Geot] 

- Thanks for always being a gixxl friend and listening to 
mc. My brother |ason - Thank you for showing mc ho 
always win an argument, even if you have no idea what j 
are talking about. Matt ■ Thank you for showing me i 
I should always want more and never be happy with whi 
I have. Mike - Thanks for always gi\Tng me a fight and 
being someone who tries to make me be better. Mom at 
Dad - Thanks for always bebcving m me, taking care of 
and being there for me no matter what happens. 

Mike Haynes 

Hi, I just want to thank everyone who made High Sch< > 
so much fun for me. I especially want to thank my parei 
for pushing me to do well in school. >X'ithout yT>u guyii. 


• tildn I i)c chinking about going to a good 

I , ' >n iiu ax's told me to do my best and 

I I ai c\ crything I do. Dad, you always had 
II 1 could put together, or just take apart. You 

;o want to thank my brothers. Mart, you got me to start 
aying lacrosse and without you, I probably would not be 
nsidering playing in college. Jason, you gave me some 
eat ad\ice about High School and how to make the best 
' it. Also, if I ever had a question about anything that had 
do with cars, motors, or anything like that, you w'ould 
: the first person I would ask. Chris, anytime 1 wanted 
meone to play catch with or anything like that, 5 0U were 
vays there. Having a t\xin definitely has some benefits, 
ncle Tom and Aunt Lisa, you guys made the fi-equent 
ps to New Hampshire lots of fun. Uncle Tom, watching 
id helping you work on boats, motors, and various other 
ings, helped influence me into wanting to become an 
igineer. Last but not least, thanks to all my friends for 
aking High School some of the best years of my life. 

jnelia Henry 

'ow; 1 made it through high school but there are definitely 
'ew people that need to be thanked for helping me 
trough it. First off my mom and my dad, sure we fight 
id there were rough times but I owe everything to them. 
lOM: Thank vou for always being there even when I 
idn't want to talk and just sat on your bed and cried. You 
ave made these past years better without even saying a 
ord. Thank you for working your butt off every day so 
lat we can have the type of life we do, we are very lucky 

have you. And thank you for editing all those essays 
/en when 1 did then at the last second. I love you. DAD: 
iinny, 78°. Thank you for always being my best friend. All 
le rimes when I've called you because something went 
rong or just to talk. It means a lot. Thanks for being 
the cool dad" and the one that all my friends love. And 
ey dad, GO SOX! There are two more very important 
eople in my family I can't forget to thank. GRAM: Thank 
ou for always being supportive of me, coming to every 
oncert, my basketball games and the football games. It 
leans the world to me to know that you are always there 
>r me. You make the best pumpkin bread in the world, 
tried to make it once but it wasn't as good. I love you 
ram, even though I'm going to college, I'll only be a 
done call away. JILLIAN: You may be the most adorable 
St anno\ing sister ever but I still need to thank you for 
Without you I wouldn't have learned a lot of the things 
know now. Just be sure you always work as hard as you 
an. And yes you can have my room when I leave. There 
re many friends I need to thank too. STEPH, you've 
een there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for 
U the good times. You've only got a year left, make the 
est of it, it won't be as good without me. "Don't get 
plashed!" "it's so coincidential!" "I laughed" there are like 
million & seven more. To aU my other friends thank you 
or everything; ANNE "high five", DREW "it's cool", 
1 m\ past teachers. In the words of the Ataris; "Out of 
1 r\ e learned in life, you always keep your friends close to 
lu heart 'cause they will help you if you are falling down." 
love you all. Thanks! 

Micolle Hickox 

V/4>; Nick, RP, Nicola 

Eddo wid"- Us 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, 
i .ithcr by the moments that take your breath away." 
I .ind foremost, my family. 

MOM-From making my wagon in 4''' grade to teaching 
me how to drive. You have the biggest heart and bubbliest 
personality of anyone. For being super religious and 
for everything you've done for me. You have taught me 
everything I know, I love you. 

DADD^ I iir \oiir am.i/inn sense ot hLinmr. 1 or always 
understanding how 1 feel and pushing me to be the best I 
can be. Your ad\ice on sports, school and life is something 
I can never lose. You taught me so much about myself and 
the world, 1 love you. 

DANIELXJE-For \-our smoker's voice and for 
being hilarious. Thanks for always being happy and 
compassionate. You're the best litde sister any girl could 
ask for. ily, LuU. 

GREG-You're like me in so many ways. For being good 
and kicking my butt at everything (besides Guitar Hero). 
You're always there to talk and are a great kid, love ya. 
JENN-junebug, late nights and crazy moms. For being a 
friend and not just a cousin, much love. 
Now to the girls; best friends since Davis days: 
MEL-My rvvin. For always making me laugh, agreeing 
on almost everything, being attached for a ride, "I don't 
get it" and so much more. You always find the good in 
negative situations and can cheer me up in seconds. You're 
a wonderful person. 

JAMIE-My personal psychiatrist. Your witty personality 
and way with words still continue to boggle my mind. 
You always know what to say and are always there to talk 
to. From driving around on beat nights to munchies at 
Wendy's. You're an amazing girl. 
ALLI-You've been my friend since intramural soccer 
days. Thanks for always listening to what I have to say 
and loving the gossip. Your ability to push yourself and 
dedication to everything you do wiU trul)- pay off my little 

KRISTINA-No matter what you do, you make me laugh. 
Your goofy- personality and big smile warm up every room 
you enter instand\'. For being my co- worker, talking like 
Don \'ito and for always being happy. 
DAN-You're always there to confide in, no matter the 
situation. You know everything about me and are one of 
the best friends anyone could ask for. For your hilarious 
personality, a thousand secrets, 1 feet, your house and an 
endless list of inside jokes. 

KEV-For feeding me at lunch and being a gossiper 1 
uill never forget y-our mumbling or immense amount of 
sweatshirts. You always laugh at my jokes when even I 
know they're not funny. You always brighten my day. 
CORINNE- For your quiedy goofv personality. You're 
the hardest worker I know and will run the world one day. 
For keeping me sane at soccer and despising the same 

COLLEEN- For always tnpping over the air and for your 
contagious laugh. I'm glad our families are both obsessed 
with god! YoVi make me want to be a better person. 
ASHLEY- for having every class together For always 
being there for distraction and for listening to my stories. 
TODD- For knowing each other too well. Thanks for all 
of the memorable times these past two years. 
JKIPP-The nicest and most laid back guy I know. You're 
always there to talk to and share secrets. 
JKAL- Without your loud, Armenian, ghetto jokes high 
school wouldn't have been the same. You were there for a 
good laugh and a good heart to heart. 
HAYNES-Grandpas! For the ndes and making it 
enjoyable every morning. MATT&PAT-l'or the fun times 
and for giving us something to do. 
OG'S: MANNY-"Dude wtf?!" and good times. 
TERRANCE- for making me laugh. JERRY- true bailer. 
DEWAYNE- preaching. 

BRETT.DAV^USTIN for your lingo and chill nights. 
MIKE- I've gotten to know you so well, l or always being 
there to vent to. 

BASILEjFATZZJP- thanks for giving us a place to go 

and something to do. 

SCOTT&ANDY- \'our houses were always a blast, thanks 
for being so chill. 

GEORGIA- kieeeyahhh, it's too hot, get out my wicket 
and many more! MEG- for always offering your house 
on typical Bedford nights. JMO- saved my life. SOCCER 
GIRLS- Gabby, Kristen, Claire, Georgia, Sam, Olga, Rim 
and eyeryone else. 

TIM S, BRIAN and anyone else I forgot. Ciood luck class 

of '08! 

Ashley Hiniker 

Ashley, Ash, Ahin, A/wee 

"Ix)ve doesn't make the world go round. Love is what 
makes the ride worthw-hile."-Franklin P.Jones 
"Good friends must not always be together; It is the 
feeling of oneness when distant That proves a lasting 
friendship." -Susan P. Schultz 

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take 
your eyes off the goal." -Henry Ford 
Mom and Dad-Thank you for inspiring me to be the 
person I am today. You have been the biggest influence 
in my life and you have done an amazing job. There is no 
one better than you two. Mom-The past years you have 
been my mom, best friend, and fan. You support me in 
everything I do and that means the most. I know that I 
will always be able to call you and you will be there for 
me, as I am for you. I am proud of you for racing. I love 
you. Dad- You have influenced me to keep fighting no 
matter what challenge I face. Thank you for coming to 
every game, teaching me new' things, and working so hard 
for our family. I know that you will always have a place 
for me at home and will always protect me. And yes, I will 
always go on a car ride with you. I love you. Andrew and 
Aaron-Thank you for making family time, protecting 
me, and teaching me more than 1 have ever wanted to 
know about video games. Despite our moments, you two 
mean die world to me and 1 will always be your big sister. 
You two are amazing and I love you. Tara-Thank you 
for drooling all over everything, being the same size as 
me, and always welcoming me home with the biggest tail 
wags. Kelsey-Thank you for teaching me about fashion, 
Berkshires, country music, dreams of ("alifornia, having 
hour long talks about everything, always thinking the exact 
same thing as me and being my best friend for the past 
thirteen years. I would not sanely be here if it was not for 
you. Bridget (Bubi)-Thank you for going to camp and 
being my mom, sports, living at your house, laughing so 
hard we cry, crazy adventures, and our love of T/J. Cory- 
Thank \'ou for listening, wakeboarding, dinners, loving 
me .supporting me, and alwa\ s making rime for me. I love 
you. Jen-Thank you for cooking, shopping, sleepovers, 
late night talks and funny stones. Lauren-Thank you for 
relationship talks, double dates, st)ulja boy, and memorable 
nights in the movie room. Brian-Thank you for being 
a ladies' man, I ISM, Davis School, being our super fan, 
and your love for K(!. Dan-Thank you for texting, locker 
visits, weekenils, making fun of me, and always being able 
to talk to you. Nicky-Thank you for crazy stories, always 
laughing, and bo\- talks. Colleen-Thank you for your 
love of HSM, laughing in L.\BBB with me, and varsity 
lacrosse. Josh-Thank you for always making me smile and 
seeing the crazy side of things, jacqi, Allie, Mel, Caitlin, 
Greg, (^orinne, and Molly 1'. thank you. Thank you to all 
my volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse teams. Thank you 
^X■ilson Farms for consuming every weekenil. Thank you 
(Chapman, Barrett, Tate, and Waile families for everything. 
Thank you Mrs. .-Mexaniler and Mrs. Irving for being my 
favorite teachers. Thank vou class of 2008, never forget 
the good times. 

John Humphries 

l irst 1 w ant ro sav thanks to my family tor supportinn me 
anil pushing mc to better myself. I also want to thank (iod 
for mv health and life in general, l.astlv I want to thank my 

friends near and tar ncu and old, you all have- ht lpLcl me 
get through a lot of stuff that most kids 1 know wouldn't 
put up with. Thanks. 

Bill Johnson 

Salmon, Whitebeard, White bread 
"isn;t cory patterson play sports?" 
". . .short bus. . ." 
"Huh speak English?" 
"Do you take Visa?" 

"We need to move to an emotion offense" 

"Popcorn Pioneer" 

"What up, Salmon?" 

"That could be misconstrued" 

"(Carrying, not (Carrying." 

I'irst I would like to thank the Ix-ague. You all made 
high school great. Andrew, you are one of a kind. Dan, 
you are truly a clever and funny kid. Mike, you are going 
to go far in this world. Tom, you have been one of my 
best friends; thanks for all the rides. Joe, your comic 
relief proved invaluable last year. Ke%'in, you are the 
man; you put up with a lot from me; thanks for all the 
rides. Ciood times: The LIMCj, drama club, J. Vitri ruffled 
some feathers. Red Sox winning the World Series, Patriots 
dynasty, freshmen baseball, volleyball games, and storming 
the court at Lynn Tech. I would like to thank all of my 
teachers, namely, Mr. Ciriftin, Mr Donnelly, Mr. Boschetto, 
Mr. Niven, Mr. Huff, and Mr. Maffa. Lastly, I would like 
to thank my family, the creators of Boy Meets World and 

Kevin Johnson 

Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-dcking whether 
you are getting somewhere or just standing still. -- I,ou 

Mom and Dad- Thank you so much for making high 
school easy, keeping me focused and always going to all 
of my games. Thank you for the coundess skiing trips and 
the great rimes at loon. Thank you for all the camping trips 
and (!ape (-od trips. Thank you for always being there for 
me and always being supportive. I no I'm the favorite, its 
okay you don't have to say it. Haha. I love you. 
Derek- Thanks for being an annoying older brother. 
We have had so many good rimes together like concerts, 
skiing and vacarions. We have so many more good rimes 
to come. 1 can easily beat you up 1 just never showed my 
true strength. 

Scott- Thanks for being always being around to play 
lacrosse, football, or whatever in the backyard. We have 
had so many good rimes together. Keep working hard in 
school and make sure you help Lauren when she asks you. 
Lauren- You're the only girl and you now know how- 
to take a punch. Keep working at soccer, soon you'll be 
plac ing varsity. And don't worry, your not a brat, it's just a 
saying. I'll miss you a lot when I go to college; no one is 
going to ask to help them with spelling or math. Don't be 
afraitl to call if you need help. 

Matt- You're basically my brother. We have spent some 
much rime together; camping, skiing, spending rime in the 
cape and so many more. We have known each other since 
we were born and it is going to be strange without next 
year. I'm going to miss you making fun of people and us 
laughing together 

Corinne-First off, there is way too much to say to you, but 
thank you so much for always forgiving me. We have had 

so many good riines together, ( 'very time we are together 
is unforgettable. I'll never forget our near run in with that 
deer and you running over a skunk. .\lso our endless trips 
to Panera and Bedford I 'arms. always can put a smile 
on my face. I am really going to miss you next year. 1 love 


Jamie- We have been friends for so long and neighbors 
since we were babies. Thanks for all the great rimes; I'm 
going to miss you next year. 

Josh- I'll never forget our childhood memories, the list is 
endless. We had so many great rimes playing home base. 
Thank you so much for all the great rimes. 
Michelle- You're like my older sister. Thank you for all 
the funny rimes, like making fun of Derek and all the great 
rimes in the cape. 

Steph- In addition to Michelle you're my other older sister. 
We had so many great rime sitting on the beach or around 
the campfire. Ytiu're so easy to make laugh and so easy to 
laugh at. Thanks for all the great times; let's not let them 
end yet! 

Brett- Although we went to different schools, you are still 
one of my best friends. Thanks for all the great times in 
the neighborhood, loon and the cape. 
Mel- We've been friends for what seems like forever. 
Thanks for always making me laugh when you made fun 
of something or someone. 

Dan- Thanks for all the good times especially in gym class. 
No one can match our intensit^•. 

Nicky- You're a red. Thanks for always laughing at my 


Kristina- Sorry for being so mean to you, but thanks for 
always laughing at my goofiness. 

Alii- So many memories, especially at Josh's house haha. 
\bu and Tim were C^orinne and mine's dance partners and 
I'll never forget that. 

Reynolds- Thanks for being great neighbors. 
Tiano's- Thank you for so many great times at I>oon. 
Thank you to my Cirandparents, Aunts, Uncles and all my 
cousins. Also thank you Brett, Ashleigh, Bobby, (laitlin, 
(ireg, Joe B., Tim C.., Bnan, C^hns, Mike, Scon, Pat, Andy, 
James S., Ciillian, Molly, Bndget, Kelsey, I^ura, (ieorgia, 
Sam, Max, I Jndsay, L.rin, Todd, [essica. The lacrosse team, 
TTie Ski team, all my teachers, and the rest of the C!!lass of 

Josh Kalenderian 

.S /jt^ Dill, Coony, Seabiscuit, JK 

I would like to thank my parents for all thev have done 
for me over the years. You guys have supported me in 
everything I have done and have helped guide me in 
the right direction. Deidre - Thanks for setting the bar 
so high while you were in high school and helping me 
get through these past few years. Luke - the detinition 
of what a true friend is. Dan - You've been my dude 
since day 1 , what more can I say. Davio - Maybe the 
funniest person I know. Over the past few years we have 
really become good fnends, but if you're not out at 7:03 
tomorrow morning I'm leaving you, I mean it this time. 
Alii - Our friendship is a love-hate relationship. Thanks 
for always helping me with school v.'otk and being a good 
friend. Nicky - You're one of my best friends and I 
know we will keep in touch. We can relate to each other 
on so many things and it's made getting to know you fun. 
Brian — You're a real stand up guy and not afraid to show 
your personality. I know you'll make it out in the real 
workl. Terrance - We have had some good times these 
past years, from chillen at Brett's to bearing Lynn Tech. 
I'll miss you next year. Billy - We've been friends since 
kindergarten and you arc one of the most loyal people I 
know. Greg L. - You know I value our friendship, even 
if \<)u're a die hard republican. Ryne - Even though you 

cannot go one day without f<K)ling around or getting 
folded by me or D, we have always stayed tight. Jerry - I 
know we will remain friends, just as long as I don't ihnnk 
y our shoes right? Josh Kipp - I A en before you were m' 
teammate vou were ni\ friend and I know vou'll do it 

big next \ear. I'd also like to thank ( >od for blessing mc 
with such a wonderful group of fnends and family that 
have truly showed me what it is to be a gotxl fnend. I ligh 
School has flown by and I can't wait to see what the futur 
has in store for all of us. 

Tim Kaufmann 

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, the 
we will be a nation gone under." -Ronald Reagan 
"To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educai 
a menace to society." -Theodore Roosevelt 
Thank you to my lx)rd and Savior Jesus Christ for helpin 
me through high school and pro\iding a firm foundation 
for my beliefs. Thank you to (Captain Carson and Chief 
lidris for always bemg there when I needed help on 
something. Thank you to my family for supporring me in 
everything I have done in high schtK)!. And last, but not 
least, thank you to all my friends who have helped relieve 
the stress of high school off my shoulders. 

Josh Kipp 

Kjpp, Kjppa 

My parents- thanks for forcing me to ride my bike 
everywhere, giving me rides to the bus stop/ halfw-ay to 
school, making me paint the house, and pushing me to bi 
the best I can be. Joe- "wanna do something crazy?" Yc 
arc a strange boy J(x: Ball. Thanks for all \-our awkward, 
memorable, and often crude comments. Josh Kal- To bi 
honest, I don't understand half the things that come out 
of your mouth. It's funny all the same. Thanks for the 
laughs. Tim- "just the meat and the bun. (Cheese? No 
cheese!" I thought that our matching orange and blue tuj 
meant something, but lately I 've got the feeling you're 
only using me for my slip n' slide. . . Ana- If you don't 
give me my orange fish back I'm gonna freak! Michelle- 
sorry about the Indian chief, give him my condolences. 
Oh and Michelle. . . never trund. Greg- from playing on 
horrendous basketball teams, to coaching a team ourselvi 
we've been through a lot together. Ps get Dante to get 
us some rickets this \ ear! Chris- "ay carumba man, just 
live the dream." Brian- Your cameo, gender swapping 
appearances in our Spanish \ndeos and unprovoked and 
utterly unnecessary over compeririveness will be gready 
missed. Kelsey- Thanks for sticking with me while we 
drowned in the Olympic sized pool. Dan- "I'm cold..." 
You're good at everything you do, from football to mini 
golf I don't even question how or why anymore. I've |u 
come to embrace the phenomenon that is Dan FCittennai 
Sam- thanks for providing me a target at which to 
throw mv Ciatorade botdes. NicoUe- Thanks for all the,] 
sometimes intense, talks, stories, and laughs; but, high 
school will not be complete until I meet that grandpa ycM| 
speak so highly ab<jut. Ashley- Thanks for being able toj 
make me laugh without even trying. Mr. Sheinfeld- thai 
you for finding a place in your heart to pass me in photoj 
even though everyone knows I should have failed. Shou 
out to: Kyle, Mike T, Keith, Kevin, and the band. 

Dan Kitterman 

DA', Kitty, D-man 
,'\s I finish high school, and move on to college, I wDuld 
like to thank my Mom and Dad the most. You've always 
believed in me, supported my decisions, and kept me on 
the right track. I know you'll always love me and be there 

c A problem. I love you guys. CHRJS- 
you and look up to you no matter what, 
through all the fights and arguments, we have 
li ; I'll miss you when 1 leave. Carry 

Saturday night partners, stealing Hollj-u-ood, suns 
It . guns out, Mario kart, summer ball, going to sox 
ma s, outback, kissing booth champs. TIM- having 
il.iiiia-jams, stealing HoUj'wood, "C^ome on Danny, be 
null with tvvo", MC Spook, Concord mailboxes, Freeze 

I ips, video games in your basement, Sean ball. GRlKi- 
i II lung me your dance moves, Ray Reid, driving us 

, rwvhere, patriot's games, being |.|.! JOSH- Basketball, 
Hint; high school musical, visiting you at Wedgewood, 
111- locker buddies. CHRIS- Always having my back, 
" " Is class, man talks. JOSH KAL- teaching mc slang, 
M, iking me laugh, keeping x-block fun, sharing my B-day. 
,^ I .I',- competing at everything with me, Wiffleball, lay- 
|- , "who!?" NK^KY- Junior Prom, long conversations 

II I lie phone, "go Bucs!" cheering me up, sharing 

III use secrets, pen capping, cleaning up after me (ha-ha). 
^ I 1 1 liY- flirting with me, laughing at my jokes, "that's 

A ;ird", peer leadership. KELSEY- Jess, Einglish classes, 

cone to always talk to and annoy, going the beach with 

I ai .md your sister, pony back riding, drivers ed. jAMIE- 
-I buddies, being a "G", having every class together this 
tutoring you in math. MEL- Fun times in History and 
i ll KEVIN- dominating sports activities. ALLI- getting 
now you better through high school. KRISTINA- 
iing you to play guitar. LUKE, JD, AARON- buds on 
iff the field. JOE- bleached hair, nights at the Ball 
Ictice. SAM- Someone to pick on and joke around 
III CiEORGIA- Always texting me. KATIE- Loving the 
- i I ix, swimming in your pool, bleacher painting. ANDY- 

J, the man. 09' STEPHEN- making me laugh through 

II n years of Latin, being nice at soccer. HAMISH- 
i rptng my secrets, interesting talks while 1 drove you 
I' ine. BOBBY A\'AKIAN- wanting to hang out everyday, 
^1 1 parties. DA\'IO, R^TsIE- making soccer hilarious, 
I. cd my epi pen!" LARSEN- baseball camp. RYAN 
11 .S- realizing soccer is a real sport. JIMMY, DAX'Ii- 
n.iktiig me laugh whenever, wherever. ALLI, CX)RA 
il'l IIA, MIRELLA, VICTORIA- Best sophomore giris, 
A l l. THORSIiN- being my soccer apprentice. GEORGE- 
ou're hilarious. BUCS SOCCER- Writing our own story, 
drinking die Kool-aid. COACHES- BOSCHETTO, 
BYRNES, AUFIERO- making sports fun and competitive 
at the same time. 

Nipunn Koorapati 

To, check it out. Playing disc all night. Here's a tribute to 
you as we put it in flight" -The Frisbee Team 
To all my friends who have always been there thrtjugh high 
school. You all know who you are. High Sch(5ol would 
not have been fun without you all. To Sowmya and Hope 
for sharing the insanity that is History Fair I'll never 
underestimate the effect of ("old War Politics ever again. 
To my Ocean Bowl teammates: Marissa, Staci, Sowmya, 
and Cat. Buzzing in with spirit. Buzzing out with new- 
buzzers. To the math team: Marissa, Melody, (-hristie and 
Shreyas (and McGowan) leading another winning year. To 
the chess team: Mike, Tommy, and V.ric. Keep practicing 
those queen mating-patterns. (iracias a John, Kevin, y Kim 
para haciendo "(iaminando por la Vida" y "Te Robare el 
Amor". Que (!hevere. Alguna vez, necesitamos pelar las 
papas cn la luna. Thanks to Kim, |avson, (Chunky, Dennis, 
Hat and whoever else played Frisbee last summer. Good 
times. To the Frisbee team for having a great year and not 
giving me (too) hard a time. I lat: you better keep Beilford 
a contender next year! And big thanks to Mr Rose for 
being Frisbee club advisor. Running such a chaotic club 

ain't easy. To the McGowan for all those amusing van rides 
to chess and math meets. Don't forget to check the gas 
BEFORE you leave. To Mr. Fluff for reducing Calculus 
into an obscure metaphor involving a closet full of biking 
j^^^gUjjyg^^j^Popnellv for redefining my view of the world 

in terms of opportn - ' i I i ' n il. I I um liccn learning 

something else. And lu Mr. .Smulcrlaiul lor the A+ on the 
synthesis paper. If you reall)' want to know who Drew 
Toothpaste is, look up "(ilobal Warming and I volution" 
on YouTube. 

Katharine Levenstein 

Katie, Alpha-Alpha, Kafie-Lou, Katrina Marisol 
These past four years of my life have been the best thus 
far. I'd like to thank my family, all my friends (you know 
who you are), f-ho girls, swim team (great times, even with 
all our drama), Bedford Farms, and the alphas. I would 
also like to thank fruit stickers for being such a motivation 
for me, especially the Braeburn apple for starting my 
collection, and all those people who helped me collect 

Kevin Lu 

Kl^u, Kei' Kev 

First of all I would like to thank my parents. You've always 
been there for me at all times during both the happiest 
and saddest moments. Next 1 would like to thank my 
two best friends Dennis and Nipunn, you guys have been 
like brothers to me and 1 hope that it will be the same in 
the future. I would also like to thank all my friends in no 
particular order: Staci, Minghan, C^at, Katherine, Jeff, Alex, 
Jesse, Kim, Erica, Soreen, Marissa, Dan, Lindsay, Sowmya, 
and Meghan. There were so many good times in the past 
4 years that there is too much to write down. I'd also like 
to thank the swim team for always being there and just 
being that awesome. It's not just this year or last year but 
it's been all the years that I have been swimming with you 
guys. Swim team has definitely made high school bearable. 
I know I've been tough to deal with but you all have put 
up with me for my high school life and I thank you all for 
it. Also I have to thank some teachers that have helped me 
through high school: Mr. Maffa for putting up with me 
ever since the fourth grade, Mrs. Blake for being our coach 
for who knows how long, Mr. Rose for last year and this 
year as an assistant coach. Doc I las and Mr. Sunderland 
for writing my recommendations, and Mr Berlino for 
being a great English teacher and chaperone for our Italy 
trip. For those of you I've missed I actually haven't missed 
you and if you rearrange some letters 

Greg Margolis 

Thank vou to ni)' parents who have always driven me 
to do the best that I could. You have always been there 
when I needed help with my school work and I appreciate 
that. Thank you (Claire for everything, being there to talk 
to, playing tennis, getting ice cream, and just hanging out. 
You have been my best friend and I am going to miss you. 
Thank you to the soccer team, this year was great anil I 
will remember it forever. Dan peep your foof Davio 
thanks for making every practice fun no matter how much 
we had to run. Thank you to my friends especialh' Tim, 
Dan, Josh, (]hris, Kyle, and Steve. Thanks Sam for being 
someone I could talk too about anything. .'\nd thank you 
Marina. Thanks to anyone I missed, yt)u have maile my 
tiine at Bedford High School very memorable. 

Daniel McCarthy 



"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain 

a thought without accepting it." - Aristode 

"There's nobody named Pioneer in this class." - Andrew 


( )ut of genetic obligation, I'll thank my family first - Mom 
and Dad, thanks for supporting me in each and every 
venture that I've ever undertaken and allowing me to 
stockpile trinkets for resale on eBay in crevices throughout 
your home. Molly, you're a cool sister. Usually. Onto my 
friends: Andrew - thanks for introducing me to wiffleball 
and being my go-to guy for a good joke. Also, thanks to 
your family for driving me to basically anywhere I needed 
to be for the past eight years. Tom - thanks for the g(X)d 
rimes and for loaning me money whenever I didn't have 
cash on me. I'd pay you back but this thing is expensive. 
)oe - for being good-natured and always providing a gcjod 
laLigh. We don't always see things the same way which 
makes for some interesting conversation. Mike - for always 
being rational and offering sound advice. Pallavi - thanks 
for always being there to help me out and for laughing at 
my (admittedly corny) jokes. I've enjoyed working with 
you to perfect the art of procrastination and appreciate 
your sarcasm. To everyone in my historj- fair group and 
the fantasy baseball league, thanks for everything. I'd also 
like to thank all of the teachers at BUS who have made 
my four years here worthwhile — especially Mr. Niven and 
Mr. Boschetto, for making me want to learn for the sake 
of understanding rather than for the sake of a grade and 
instilling within me a confidence that I have the ability to 
produce great things. Mr. Felker, too, for teaching me to 
play the saxophone, which is arguably the most potent 
stress-reliever available legally and without prescription. To 
everyone else who has made my high school experience 
complete, thanks. I'd thank you all by name but I'm 
running out of 

Meghan McGowan 

Life is sweet. 1 cherish every moment of it because of my 
family, friends, teachers and dog. Thanks to my 4th grade 
teachers for being there for the death of my best friend. 
Thanks to mv famih' for being there when Ciumpa died. 
Thanks dad for driving mc to school. Thanks Mackie for 
being with me when 1 was sad, and thanks Diana tor not 
hurting me 'cause I didn't thank you in my thanks 

Alii Morse 

Allt, Al, AMO, Allioop 
"We're all in this together" 

-High School Musical 
"F:ddo Wid" 


First, I'd like to thank my family for pushing me, 
supporting me, and helping me along the way. Thank you 
for always being the loudest ones in the stands, cheering 
me on in basketball and in life! Mom- thanks for being 
an amazing mother and a fnend. From our shopping 
extravaganzas to our long talks, we have shared such 
incredible rimes together. Thank you for teaching me how 
to be a better person and showing me what is important 
in life. Dad- Thanks for being my first coach in basketball, 
soccer, and in life. Thanks for always being positive, 
making me laugh, ami knowing exactly w hat to say to make 
me feel a little bit belter Jen- You have intlucncctl mc so 
much over the years. From giving me rug burns pla\ing 
sports, and family vacations you have Ix-en such a big 
part of mv life, Tim- Thanks for being my best fncnd, 
making me laugh, giMng me duck cards, and loving mc 
for the dork I am. From holding hands on the I'M! bus 
until now, 1 have been so lucky to share some of the best 

timts w ith vou. I love vou. My Eddos! No matter what, 
we- stuck through it toj»c-thcT and hail >.o many fun times 
aionji the way. I love you f^irls! Nicky- Soccer, lorrest 
Beach, sleepovers in your basement, Spain + I rance, and 
most importantly RP! No matter what we do it always 

t iuK 111 J l.mnh. Mel- I lurul.i, nctimi; stuck ml .i pi;in(.-. 
Spam + I rance, and random WW visits. Theirs never 
a dull moment with you and I love all of it. Kristina- 
camping, ice-skating, CJranny Isnor's, and dragging me 
to family parties. Thank you for making me laugh with 
your dumb comments and contagious laugh. Jamie- TCI, 
in your basement, swimming for hours in the pool, and 
Balsam Drive fun. You are an incredible friend with the 
best advice for everything! CoUeen- Thanks for being my 
basketball partner, veiling at kitls during refereeing, BDC^, 
and old stale cheetos! Corinne- I rom soccer to history 
fair we have had some prett\' fun times! Kevin- fatso! 
Thank vou for making a joke out of everything! Joe and 
Josh- Red Sox, RHCP, Joe's basement, and random fiestas. 
Josh Kal- even though we fight, you truly are a great 
friend. But I really am fresher then you, my dude! Kevin 
A- thanks for being my study partner and teaching me 
about your Indian wa\ s! Scott and Andy- thanks for so 
manv fun times, and thanks Scott for saving my life! Dan- 
thanks for being such a little flirt and giving me something 
to laugh about Ashleigh- thanks for fun nmes m the past. 
1 hope evervthing works out for you. Bridget and Ashley- 
vou girls are amazing! Bridget -BIX^, Ash-basketball and 
BB. Mae, Diana, and Rachel- my favorite sophomores! 
Thanks for all the fun times! Last but defiantly not least, I 
would like to thank Mr. Niven. Thank you for coming to 
mv basketball games, being such an influential teacher, and 
loving life to its fullest. These four vears have flown by, 
thanks for all the memories! Best of luck to everyone! 

Emily O'Donnell 

hiir/, l ormul, \:nio 

"Yo Earl, hit me up with a mint." 
"I'm carrying your baby! Well put it down!" 
"F.mily's red pen rapped my paper" 
"Oh my gosh BT.ST friends. . ." 
Thank you BHS for bringing together the sweetest, 
funniest, clumsiest, smartest, craziest, most 
wonderful people in my life. Thank you dad for your 
good humor, coaching soccer (and basketball, and 
Softball. . .) and for driving past the house. Thank you 
mom for taking care of me when 1 was sick. Thank you 
for taking care of me when you were sick. Thank you 
.Amanda for making ice hacking fun, and everything else 
in beKveen. Thank vou to all mv little, and 
not-so-litde, cousins for being as sweet and adorable 
as all of you are. Thank you to every girl who has 
ever screamed shrilly with me for no reason. Thank 
you to every boy who has ever copied my work. Thank 
you to all my friends, teachers, and "scene kids" for 
making every lousy, stressful, angry, heartbreaking 
day bearable, even laughable. Leaving all of you is 
worse than not getting cast in the school play, or 
getting cut from the sports team, or having mono. But 
here's to the good times, the bad times, and the just 
plain goofy times. To being poised and confidence, to 
being flustered and a mess. To the future ahead, and 
the times we can fall back on. Thank you to everyone 
here who made me who I am leaving. None of you will 
be forgotten. 

Brian Pabian 

To the Pabians! Dad- 1 regret never really letting you know 
how much you help me on a daily basis. Whether it is 

homework, advice, or just watching the Pats you're always have basically grown up together. We have had so mar 

there to help me or just make me laugh. Mom- Without goinl times I cant even begin to remember all of thcrr 

you I would simply be lost. You're everything I could have (^ancun, Nh, chillin by \our pool and just hanging uui 

hoped for as a loving caring mom, and 1 can't even imagine in your playro<im talking alxiut random stuff. You wet 

what it's going to be like li\ ing w ithout vou Mike- It's alwav s there to make me lauiHi and wc always have so 

been weird iioi li.i\ Hi;^ Mm iii iIk li' msi. ihe laM couple ot 
\ ears, and even though w e right on iKcasion, I know we 
will always be close no matter what. You're a great older 
brother. I love you guys lots. 

My boys: Dan- Rven though you came to 
Bedford a couple years ago, it seems like we have been 
friends forever. Whether on the baseball field or out on 
a Saturday night, we make a good team. Tim- nothing like 
l-'riday afternoons plaving video games with you, buddy. 
You probably could make me laugh more than any one else 
I know and I'll miss you kid. Josh Kjpp- We met during 
second grade and you've been my boy ever since. Other 
guys to thank: (^hris, Joe, Josh Kal (my dude), Greg, Jiinmy, 
Josh T, and Kyle. 

Girls: Kels- You were probably the one girl 
who knew me the best which I think is a good thing, even 
though It probably got me in trouble sometimes. I have 
nothing but good mcmones with you and I know I'm 
going to miss you when you go off to Cali. Ash- Im glad 
we've gotten close over the years and I hope we keep it 
touch kid. Other girls to thank: F.leni ( middle school 
sweetheart haha), Katie, Ana, Corinne, and Ijuren. 

John Park 

}l\ Park, johnny boy, Perfect Pitch Park 
'tireater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down 
his life for his fnends." Qohn 15:13). 
"L'or the first time in 86 years, the Red Sox have wwn 
baseball's world championship, (-an you believe it?" 
"Me fail Ivnglish'r' That's unpossiblc." (Ralph Wiggum)! 
would like to thank my lord and savior Jesus (Christ. 
Through him, anything can be accomplished. Family : 
Thanks mom and dad for working hard and supporting 
me at baseball games, history fair, etc. Friends : Thanks 
for the memones and laughs we'd shared together. I hope 
we stay in contact throughout the years. Teachers: To all 
the teachers I had...TH,'\NK YOU! You guys had a huge 
impact on how I \new myself and the vixirld. 

Kristina Piccirillo 

Kp, Kpic, Tina, TT, Kc 
Eddo W id - My Girls 

"Life is too precious to worn about stupid stuff so 
have fun, dance wnid, fall in love; say what vou wanna 
say, do what you wanna do, regret nothing & don't let 
people who don't matter bring you down"- .Vnoynomous 
I'irst I would like to thank my family Mom- I want you 
to know how much 1 appreciate everything you do for 
me. You always know the nght things to say when things 
aren't going so well. I wouldn't be where I was if it wasn't 
for vou. Thanks for waking me up every morning and 
always being there to talk to. 1 want to let you know- 
how much I love you, because I don't always show it as 
much as I should. Dad- We have definitely been through 
some rough times here and there but we always seem to 
get through them. Thank you for all the trips to Maine 
and all the family vacanon we have taken. Thank you for 
always being there to fix things and giving me ad\icc even 
when its not needed. I love you. Bobby & Man- Thank 
you guys for just being you, even though I hate admitting 
it I love you. My Girls- We always have so much fun 
together no matter w here we go. So many random times: 
sleepovers at Nickvs, random parties, and just hanging 
out. I'm going to miss all of vou so much!! Jamie- We 
ha\ e been friends for as long as I can remember; we 

much (un together. Thanks for always being there to talk 
to, and being such a good friend, Uy! Mel- We have so 
many random memones together, tnps to brueggers, dw 
your hair in my bathroom, just hanging out at one of our 
houses and just being losers. We always had so much fun 
no matter where we were. Thanks for always being a gooc 
listener, and always being there when I needed someone i 
talk to, ily! Alii- So many fun times in Maine water skiing, 
tubing, and roasting marshmallows, trips to the country 
store/gas station hah, you were always down for anything 
Whenever we hung out we always have such a good nme 
even if we are just sitting at one of our houses. Thanks f< 
always being there for me and helping me out whenever 
it was needed. Thanks for so many fiin years together 
ily! Nicky- .M\- red headed friend, thanks for working at 
C\'S with me 1 don't know what I w^uld do without you 
there. I think Rose and Sylvia definitely won the award fo 
being the fastest cashiers hah. So many good times in yoi 
basement, and just hanging out. You were always there 
to make everyone laugh. Thanks for alw ays being there 
for me ily! Ash- Thanks for all the fun times we have had 
together, but things have definitely changed and I'm son 
things had to end like this ily! David- for all the fun i 
we have had together, we have been through so much 
together. . . good and bad. Thanks for always being there 
when I needed someone to talk to, even if you didn't wii 
to hear it. Thanks for everything.. I love you. Kevin- You 
Fat!! Thanks for always being there to joke around wnth. 
We'\e had some pretr\' fun times these past few years. I'll 
definitely gt>ing to miss you! Dan- for some fun nmes d 
past year. Its been fun having classes with you this year, 
if it wasn't for you I would be a loner in guitar. Corrine/ 
Colleen/Meg/Court/Bric/Alex- Thanks for all the (in 
times these past few years, and thanks for always making 
things ten times more fun. Jerry /T/Manny- for all the 
fun nmes this vear, just hanging out and being losers. 
Matt/Pat/Andy- for some prett)- goixl nmes and for 
always finding something Ui do in this boring town. F-H 
Girls- This season was a blast, so many gtxxl times. Co 
\' & .\manda my defensive buddies, nice job this year, 
keep the defense going next year. Charlene we have had 
so manv gocxl nmes planng fieldhockey together, you die 
great job this season. Good luck next year girls! 

Nick Reyling 

.\cnviues: (!hess (;iub; 1 Ooss Country: I Latin Club: 
2,3,4, Tournament of Plays: 3,4 Musicals: 1 ,2,3,4 Student 
Government: 3. I would like to thank several people who 
made by time at BHS Sf>mc of the best years of my life. 
Fist I would like to thank my parents for always being I 
when I needed them to be. I would also like to thank all 
my friends for causing the extra stress I didn't need. . . Ju 
kidding. I would like to also thank my L(-. Teacher, MiS 
for making me do "the dreaded" Think Writings even if 
I didn't want to they always helped any ways. I wx)uld alsc 
like to thank Ms. Harvey for making English fun, and 
Alexander for her consistent support of me both in < 
and outside class. 

Jamie Reynolds 

Jame, Jaime, James, J re)' 

"eddo wid"-us 
"ease ease easeee"-Mel 

"Eventually it all falls into place.. .until then, laugh at 
the confusion, live for the moment and know that it all 
happens for a reason"-Sex and The City 


K ~i t 'I Mom I cin't imagine how you put up with 
ve Mi, v.. Ill , h credit for everything you do for us 
hiiui'H 1 "1 ' iJNV'ays show it,I truly appreciate you 
p.i liiiu' 111 1. 1 do better.Heiping me out viith all 

)U arc.Daddy-l or being the most canng.hilanous person 
knowAou aK\a\s know how to lighten the mood when 
lings are out of control in the house,which is most the 
me. You have showed me what it means to be a hard 
orker.Hor coaching so many years.making my lunches,the 
ourmet dinners&everything else.Jess-For all the family 
ips and keeping me company,teasing |ules with me.being 
jch a cool sister and taking me out when we were in 
:hool together.all the rides,looking after me and my 
liot friends,those hideous faces \ <)u make.the infamous 
utt jiggle&for always listening and everything else. 
iilie-Poop\ !I know you secredy loved all the nicknames 
le&Jess made for you. For putting up a fight when 1 
ttacked your cheeks all those years,being such a trooper 
'hen we gave you a hard rime,we have gotten so much 
loser over the past couple years,you are one amazing 
ttle girl )ules,make sure to hold it down at BHS when I'm 
one!l-amily,thanks for always being there&I love you so 
luchll didn't realize ho\\' hard this Mould be.too many 
lemories with all of you.but in no particular order,my 
Bves:Kristina-For too many fun rimes;Cancun,chunk\' 
ed&using all the sheets and towels,lake house,"guys 
I'hen are we leaving.where are we going,what's the plan 
onight Jamie come on Jamie"HA,your OCD's,softball 
fhile it lasted(Florida..),Fho,all the non-stop laughter&the 
ndless fun times since back in the day^ly KP!Mel-My 
ellow "G".For being the onh' one I have everything in 
ommon uith,always thinking the same things&completing 
achother's sentences,making eye contact when we 
ee dopeness,driving around aimlessly.all the fun rimes 
)Ut,flinching,Fho(oh Beverly),lake house.sharing idiot boy 
tories&so much more,ilv Shmeli\ !Nicky-My 
re such an amazing person. For being the nice one,m\- 
lliving around companion,aKva\ s being dumb with 
ne,letting me v\ hip you off the jet ski,poop in a bag,being 
ny vinngman,venring to eachother,the endless laughter,die 
jasement sleepovers back in the day,sneaking out,ily 
^icklAlli-For being the responsible&smart one,being 
ny friend since Da\-is,being there to talk to&acmally 
istening.alwavs making rime for us,going home on 
Saturdays to do AP homework&srill being one of the 
Host fiin people I know.ily .MIYou girls mean the world you so muchlColin-F'or being a huge part of 
1 high school experience,putring up with me.knounng 
low to make me laugh&how to piss me off,being a woob 
.vith me.taking care of me for the most part,teaching 
Tie so much about myself.being there for me, lake house 
: na.math homeworkjate nights,bumming around, 
(•ou bub!Kevin-l 'or being ni)- neighbor&friend since we 
' L- iruns,family trips,listening to all my stories&yelling at 
tor most,calling me fat,refusing to go out&just being 
iigy,ilv kcv!Dan-I'or being my boo.allovving me to 
i&then getting mad at me,never chillin with us.aKvays 
ning even when you didn't want toj'm so glad we've 
iicn close.ilv shnooks!Ash-I know things have changed 
. but thanks for all the fun rimes,being creepy with me back 
'. in the day.I hope everything works out for you,ily!Brett- 
• For being my neighbor&friend forever,the family trips&for 
always making me laugh. Meg-F-or sharing classes junior 
year.all the fun rimes out&chillin in your basement. 
Steph-l or being crazy&sharing my love for old people. 
My G's,thanks for chillin with us in Bedford&raiding my 
house:Terrance-For being hilarious&being m\' buddy. 
Manny-For being my favorite creepa&saving"dude 
V(Tl""Jerry-l ()r being so quiet&funny.CoUeen&Corinne 
For being so sweet&fun to be around. Lima&Pat- 
Itgoes all the way back to "the rock" haha.l br 
making fun of us&always being up for a good rime. 
Alex,Britt,Court,01ivia-l'or making nights out that much 

better.Scott-l'or mooning me too many rimes,goin to the 
kiss concert with me and mel&great memories from your 
house.Andy,Tim,Haynes-l or making school&nights out 
in Bedford more enjoyable.Sam-l'or all the good times 
when I was a young'n&being the big bro I never had.'O? 
B<i>s:Basilc I . .r lu-iiv.: in in. ,il->, u.i.rj inmiul with 
us&li.iMiig peopli.' I >M.i".Mike,Chris&Justiii lor making 
our junior year a good one&for part)ing uith guys 
are the best!Todd-For setting "it" up&loving Colin more 
than me.Woody-For actually opening up&having some 
fun,y<)U know I'm a true gangsta.FHO Girls-I or the 
effort&all die laughs on the field.good lucklBest of luck 
'08. .I'll miss everyone! 

Sam Roseman 

I want to thank two of my teachers in particular who 
helped me through my years at Bedford High School. The 
first is Mr. Huff, who helped me as I struggled in PreC^alc, 
and believed in me enough to recommend me for the .-\P 
Calc class. He taught me a lot, and 1 managed to do well 
on the AP exam. The second is Mr. Niven, my junior year 
English teacher. He took a subject that I hated, and mrned 
it into one that I enjoyed. He even made my nemesis, 
writing, enjoyable at times. More than that, he understood 
who I was, and what I wanted to say, more than an\- 
teacher ever has. FU always remember discussing the quirks 
and meanings of a certain Sherwood Anderson story with 
him long after everyone else had gone to break. 

Melissa Serotkin 

AH Shmlly, Smell 
"Eddo widdy"-us 
"Dance like no one is watching; 
sing like no one is listening; 
love like you've never been hurt; 
and live life every day as if it were your last" 
MOM:We can talk about anything,and when we laugh 
we can never stop! Thanks for taking me on fun trips 
and helping me through everything.Iloveyou.DAD:\'ou 
are so much funlThanks for always making me laugh and 
making me a sports fan from the moment I came out 
of the womb.I love vou more than the moon, stars, sun, 
chocolate, and 'r\voin!DEBI:You have always been so 
good to me; we have a lot of fun times.Thanks for being 
a great step-mom!Loveva. STEVE: for always teaching 
me things, and for keeping die Celtics rickets. You're a 
great step-dad. Loveva! SOPHIE:we have so much fun 
together, cant wait unril you're all grown up!Iloveyou. 
GINA:Thanks for showing me the ropes when I was 
\'ounger, and alwa\ s looking out for me loveya!THE 
EDDOS:So manv amazing rimes;prom/semi. New 
Years, Powder-puff games, 16''' bday celebrarions, long 
sleepovers, crazy parties, and so much more, I don't know 
where I'd be with out you guys!NICKY:my red-headed 
nvin.All we do is laugh; always having so much fun, even 
if were just sitting around talking for hours.Fun rimes in 
your basement, Spain/France, and so many insiders ("1 
don't get it?!") Iloveyou! JAMIE:for being my fellow "G". 
We are so much alike, alwa\ s thinking and saying the same 
things, and obsessing over the same kind of people!Fun 
times starring with the trampoline at Brett's house, to the 
rock in 7''' grade, to all the dances("deja vu but better), to 
amazing weekends.lloveyou!KRISTINA:you are crazy!\\e 
can't go an\-where without laughing!.Mways having so 
much fun, just bumming around when there's nothing else 
to do. I'm gunna miss picking on you!II.ove\'ou!ALLI:tor 
being m\ fellow mom-alwa\ s falling asleep way earlier than 
everyone elselSo much fun just talking about everything, 
FI, was amazing and everything elselll.oveyoulMIKE: 
Thank you so much for the amazing times we had, 1 

hope we stay friends for a long rimc.Gfxid luck with 
everything. Iloveyou.KEV: for always being there to talk 
about pointless things. You're such a goofball, I'm gunna 
miss y<)u!CORINNE:You're insane!So much fun with 
you: tenrus, the Wood, and schoollCOLLEENrl'm never 
i;unna forget your're hilarious,good times! DAN: 
I 'm so glad you moved here, you're an amazing friend, so 
many good rimes!MA'TT/PAT:for all the fun times, and 
always yelling at me when I went home early.CLASS OF 
07:you guys were a lot of fun, Fatzz, JP, thanks for being 
good friends and having all the good partieslBASILE: 
Thanks for housing us when there was nothing else to 
do, and always making me laugh.TODD:You're so much 
fun to be around, good times at the Wood and parties,. 
Manny:you are hilarious, so many good rimes-"dude, 
\\TF!!"T:you always make the most boring rimes seem 
fun!JERRY:you're an awesome bailer and friend; I hope 
to watch vou in the NBA someda\ !DEWAYT>IE:you 
might be the funniest person I've ever met-good luck in 
the high school with out us!STEPH/MEG/COURT/ 
BRITT/ALEX:vou girls are crazy and we always have 
so much fun, thanks for all the good rimes!ANDY:C>ood 
times swimming and chilling at your house,and thanks for 
being my gardener!SCOTT:for all the amazing parties, and 
just being your goofy- selfTHE HA'YNES: for putting 
up with me and Nicky in the morning!'Vou boys are great, 
good times!TIM:for making the most random and funny 
comments and tagging along listening to our dumb gossip. 
ASH:l"un times, Fm sorry it had to end up like this, good 
luck w idi everything.JOSH KAL/BRETT/ AUSTIN/ 
DAV10:vou bo\ s are hilarious, always keeping me up with 
the new lingo!SAM:Thanks for always being there to talk 
to, lots of good timeslFHO Girlies:\bu guys are hilarious, 
I'm gunna miss all of you, especially gossiping!Thanks to 
everyone else that I forgot, and good luck class of 08! 

Jeff Shen 

"Miss Wormwood: 'CALMN, PAY ATTENTION! We're 
studying GEOGRAPHY! Now what state do you live in?" 
Calvin: 'Denial.'" 

First, I'd like to thank m\ famih for putting up with me for 
so manv y ears. Mom, Dad, Andy, thanks for everything. 
Nipunn, Dennis, Kevin, Staci, Katherine, Soreen, Dan, 
Kim, Erica, .\lex, jesse, Marissa, (^at, Sowmya, Sam, good 
times. We had a lot of fun over the years, just hanging out 
randomh' in w hatever field we found or in the courtyard. 
Biking downhill through the downpour, that was the best 
summer ever! Tossing a I risbee around in the street late at 
night because we felt like it, the endless hours of button 
mashing Smash Bros, I'll never forget the great times 
we've had! Warren, Mike, great hanging out with you guys. 
It's never dull (or PCi) when you're around! To anyone I 
missetl, I love you all! 

Pallavi Sud 

Pal, P-lm; Alpha Delta 

"^'ou know how they say we only use ten percent ot our 
brains? I think we only use ten percent of our hearts." 
Ou en W ilson. Wedding Cnislxn 

In ten years, I can promise you 1 ux>n't remember much 
from my high school days... except that this kid and I 
had second-row seats to the mtist unbelievable concert of 
our lives. .Vnd that summer night when we were fcebng 
devious and we egged that guy. . . then got caught (iHips). 
When these kids and I drove to New ^'ork ("in anvl waited 
hours in the rain to be fn)nt and center (and when they 
tooled on mc for keeping the Happy Birthday nara on.) 
When mv (jamaican) neighbor and I dressed up and tnck- 
or-treated... every single year. That kid who sliced open a 
jelly donut, snick a hamburger in it, and fed it to me. .Ml 

been doinj; something protliictive. Then, that time I woke trieiiils too, I love you all and hrnh school wmiUI ileliniicly tor tellini; us the fungi joke. 

up one morning, w alked through my yard, and saw all be awful M\ I lisiorv I air project for consuming mv sanir\ and 

those "strategically placed" patches of deail grass. And without you. .Man- thank you for ,\I.\\ ,\^■S being there, for months of m\ life. 

that one time, at band caiiip. when \\v woke up :\r four aK\ :i\ s lisieniivj Mr. Sunderland for the conieni-outlinc-induccd-all- 

a.m. to prank the boys. (Walt Mayo is epic.} \\ hen \i)u 
guys thought censoring Maroon 5 songs by screaming 
my name was fun. When we ditched the history fair to 
watch the newest episode of The (Office. (Swag.) VC'hen 
Cireg Ronco. . .disappeared. When we thought playing 
with henna the weekend before school started was a 
good idea. When we were the only ones up at ridiculous 
hours finishing content questions. When we found out 
t)ur favorite (^oncordian was Bear in the Big Blue House's 
long-lost twin. When you gu\ s bored me to death with 
fantasy baseball. The never-ending, wicked anno\ ing That's 
What She Saids. And Dad, Mom, Malika, and Ishaan- 1 
love you. . .as big as the whole wide universe. 
Hey, all of you. Thanks so much. 

Jen Tate 

Je/i//)', Tatertol, JT 

"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll 
be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If 
you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you 
need a friend, I'll just be me." 
Mom & Dad- Thanks for being there for me in 
every thing 1 do. You have always been supporti\e ot me 
and 1 can't ask for better parents. I love you both. Jeremy, 
Jon, & Jeff- Thank you for teaching me many valuable 
lessons in life, such as how to play sports and how to burp. 
You all are such good brothers to me and 1 am lucky to 
have you! Granny- You are an amazing woman and I 
admire everything about you. Thank you for buying me 
Cringles, sewing mv ripped clothes, and the countless 
other things you do for me. I love \<)u very much. Erin & 
Nina- Thank \ ()u for being the older sisters I never hail. 
I am so happy you are both in my life and I can't wait for 
the years to come. Mel- You are a loving mother and a 
strong woman. Thank you for being a great friend and for 
believing in me. Everything you have told me I will always 
carry in my heart. Families- Barrett, Bickford/Marshall, 
Hall, B-P, Sarson, Kiely, Rogers. ABCJKL- I rom DC to 
the annual Secret Santa to funnv waiters at 1 lardrock ("afe. 
The Alphas- Here's to poor aim and being epic. Alpha 
Major, out. Gingerbread girls- Thanks for letting me be 
an honorary ".\dventure Scout" member. Cooking Club- 
Tor the love of food, friends, and cooking. FLIO- l-.arl's. 
F.nough said. Volleyball- Smack that. All Friends- life; 
it's been a long road, fun, and sometimes hard, but I 
couldn't ask for a better group of people to ha\ e shared it 
w ith. You are always there ft)r me, ready to give advice or 
awesome hugs. It means so much to me to have incredible 
friends. This applies to each and every one of you. Thanks. 

Steph Terenzoni 

I irst, thank you to my family for e\ er\ thing thev have 
done for me. 

Mom &Dad, thank you for being the parents you are... 
Mom, thank you for 

always wanting to go to the mall, and for having the same 
weird sense of 

humor as me. Dad, thank \iiu for always making me laugh 
even when I 'm 

mad, and for having so many stories about xou breakmg 
something. Kim- 

you aren't just m\ sister, \-ou are one of m\' best friends, 
we alwa)'s 

end up laughing until we are in tears. )ason- mv brother 
in law, 

thanks for always making wonderful Italian at 3am w hen 1 

to me complain, for always being so understanding and 
chill. Thanks for 

always being so hilarious and fun to hang out w ith, we 
always end up 

laughing over something stupid (cocoa puffs), thanks for 
never being 

dramatic and alw-ays being you. Hannah- thank you for 
always listening and 

being a blast to be around, I lurve you. Brittany- good 
times at the 

shack, and the OCi, never a dull moment with us haha. 
Megan- you are 

crazy and never boring, and \i e have had way too many 
funny memories to 

write on this. Courtnee- Mario party parties, . . .other 
parties, and more 

good times. F.leni- you're always so easy to talk to, 
hilarious, and one 

of the only other people that is as weird as I am. Matt- 
thanks for 

always being my good friend and being so fun to be 
around. Marcus, Corey, 

Matt, Pat, Justin, Danielle, .Angie, Jenna, Z, everyone else 

been there for the gtx)d times, and some bad... thank you. 

Ana Tkacik 

"Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our 

Thanks to Michelle, for always being there for that, Cj<xl 
must have spent a little more time on vou. To joofacc for 
being my soul mate, sorry I screwed up your life. To |acqi 
for making me want to wear my seatbelt and always playing 
that damn song. And to Chris, for being Jennifer I^)pez 
and telling the most boring storie.s. 

Alexandra Ulsh 

I'd like to thank mv .Mom for being cooler than me, for 
doing my laundry every weekend, and for encouraging 
me to be myself In addition, my Dad for his delicious 
breakfasts and support of my athletic and musical 
endeavors, and my "little" brother Jack for reminding me 
to chill out occasitinallv and our intense sibling rivalries. To 
Mom, Dad, and Jack: I love you all and w e'll always have 
Paris. .Mso, my friends, current and past bandmates, the 
BHS lield Hockey team and Coach Bev Barton for the 
most exciting yet stressful games of my life, the entire BHS 
Foreign Language department for allowing me to take 
both I rench and Spanish, Mr. Sunderland for teaching me 
critical thinking and National History Day, Mr. Stephenson 
for exposing the beauty of math, and Mr. Niven for 
guidance about life and humanir\'s toughest problems. 

Sowmya Vearada 

Swomya, Somuya, Sonia, Somaster 
I want to thank . . . 
Ma for giving me nice things to eat. 
Daddy for making an honest effort to tell funny jokes. 
X'ishnu for being the ultimate scapegoat and punching bag. 
Griff for coaching all of our science related teams and 
ruining my life. 

Doc Has for consenting to adopt me (and pay for college). 
Mrs. Kurzman for putting up with our embarassing science 
team tor two v\ hole years. 

nighii. 1- 

Ms. I lenoch tor enduring my presence in l^un for four 

Mr. Niven f(jr being himself 

Nipunn for the illegal trips to MoS and Brown, hijacking 
Adobe Premiere, and for filling up my gmail chats folder. 
Manssa for making me feel terrible about dissecting mice 
and for being shorter than me. 
Katherine for goofing off during labs and being mv 
partner in crime. 

Soreen for lending me Ocean's Twelve for months. 
I jz for still laughing at our lame S"*" grade inside jokes. 
Sam for patiendy listening to me complain about 

Cat for listening to me whine about life in general. 
Staci for her kickbun drawings on my Facebook wall and 
for the Orlando Bloom poster 3 years ago. 
Dan for having a fondue machine and for letting us crash 
his house after [-Prom. 
|K. Rowling for not killing Harrv-. 
The lobster hats for winning us the spirit award in Ocean 

Rifle 8 ft)r letting me shoot a 96 prone. 
And finally, my keyboard for putting up with spilled coffc 
cookie crumbs, drool, frustrated head hangings, and sriU 
serving me faithfully all these years. 

Corinne Weeks 

DAD- you're more than I could ever ask for. Thank you 
for the endless school projects, showing me how to be 
"strong like bull", and being your scoobies. TTianks to 
you, I now walk into a room and notice the fl<x)r pattern 
right away. MOM-No one can do what you are capable 
of doing. TTiank you for doing my endless amounts 
of laundry, making me lunch everyday, teaching me to 
shop, and supporting me in evervthing I do. I love you 
both so much. LAUREN- I have looked up to vou for 
everything. Thanks for performing the "Hole-Hoop-DcC' 
Do", being mv distraction from homework, making me 
laugh no mancr the situation, and always responding with 
"PUFE-blo!" GILLIAN-my skittle skuttle. Where do I 
stanP We are by far the two most annoying and weirdest 
sisters together, and I love it. Thanks for always coming 
on crazy driving adventures, dealing with my nightly phor 
calls, peg-leg-pete, nose twitches, and crawling around fot 
lizards. I love you rwo, and will miss you. COLLEEN- 
We've been best friends since preschool. From hiking in 
your woods, to getting separated by the mean tree-lady, 
to surviving pre-seasons with me, vou have always been 
there for me. Thanks for always seeing eye to eye with mn 
and not getting tied up in all the drama. You're an amazin 
person, love you! KEVIN- ^'ou are my everything. Thanli 
vou for the inside seat on the couch, watching What Not I 
to Wear, missing the Red Sox, letting me drive, and having 
your crazy phobia of ears. Words can't describe how muc 
I will miss you next vear, I love you. ALLI-Thanks for 
my favorite wooden bowls, getting your hair cut in your 
kitchen, sur\i\Tng history fair, and counting the days C.Ya 
wears the same outfit. NICKY- Thanks for the crazy 
soccer slecpovers, gossiping with me at soccer (while doil 
nothing on defense), and always making me laugh. KEY 
ABE- Thanks for sticking with team Wabe, surviving 
our .\P's. and dealing with mv embarrassing outbursts. 
being the best Prom Committee to wx)rk with, I wxiuldn't 
have wanted it any different. TTianks Kels for not mindin 
that we own almost the same wardrobe! MEL- Thanks 
for being the best tennis partner and hanging out at WW. 

s to Jamie Ashleigh, and Kristina for keeping me 
with the latest gossip. Thanks to Joe. S, Andrew, 
Kipp, Josh Kal, Dan, and .Andy for all the laughs, 
nks to Ashley, Undsay, Max, Steph, and Kendra. To 


helsea, I will miss you next year. (Congratulations and 
luck to the Class of 2008! 

Marissa Weichman 

ill, Misa, Hobbit, Midget, Hey You 
I and foremost, I would like to thank my cat, without 
companionship I could not have survived junior 
Thanks to the gang for making these past years 
Jerful; for the parties, the drama, the forum, the bike 
in search of gelato and cannoli, for Italy, for the 
>OL*-pla\ ing and movie-watching. Thanks to m)- famil\- 
King crazy and hystencal and never bonng. Thanks to 
L achers, who have guided me, inspired me and made 
iK l.mgh, espccialk Mr. McCiowan, for putting up with me 
mJ making me capable of working at MIT, Mr. Griffin, 
li'i simultaneously challenging me and making fun of me, 
iiul Mr. Niven, for being the best teacher I've ever had. I 
^.in't believe the time has finally come to say this, but, so 
ii mt;, BHS, and thanks for all the fish. 

Ariel Whitt 

10 all mv friends and family: 

I hcre's so much to sav and so many people to thank. 
I Ik se high school years could not have gone any faster. 
V'. c i;()ne through my freshman, sophomore, and junior 
I counting down until we get out, and now I'm grasping year living day by day the soon to be memories. 
\, so for the thanks;... Mommy: I don't know where to 
Ml, thanks for everything, thanks for recreation soccer 
l s, the man\- shopping trips where I was supposed 
i\ you back, doing my 4''' grade projects, cleaning 
: ■ lom and cooking. Ha. I love you a lot. I may not tell 
ill the time but I really do love everything about you, 
L\ erything you do for me. To Mom: You're the best 
1.1 mother ever. Thank you for everything, the meals, 
presents, supporting everything. Most of all thanks 

■ he many blankets. I don't know anyone like you, work 

I , cook good food and still have time for everyone. 

! i c truly amazing and I love you. To Steven: Thank 
(or all the cameras, bikes, and computers, seeing 
: \ Potter, and Lord of the Rings. You're such a great 
ind I'm glad that Christian and I got to enjoy you. 
Christian, even though you can't read, I love you. You're 
rlu best brodier HVER, I know I'm going to miss you a 
lot. Sherry: Thank you for hosting movie nights, the rides, 
Ik cool souvenirs you bring us. Most of all thanks for the 

■ nicknames I've gotten in my life. Sheryl: Thanks 
he many rides, the lunch money, letting me stay at 

i house when I left my house keys. Tiffany: You're 
\ esome. Our movie nights, and watching stupid you 
movies. We always have a good rime. Tim: Thanks 
crting me drive your truck, movie nights, I don't think 
Is can e.\plain how much I love having you as an 

II, but I'm sure the many (Christmas & birthday gifts, 
and art projects can. Thanks for everything. Also thanks 

I'ncle Kenny. Korben you're my favorite cousin, I 
playing video games with you. Pascal & Kyrsten 
1 - c vou! To my NC family love you. Samantha: 

1 1 11 /05, 12/01/06..Such good dates. "I (juit!" Sorry 

I he soccer ball incident. That sponge bob blanket is 
nag to college with me. The Robers: Thanks for all 
iht soccer gatnes& vacations. Tina: bacon dances, movies 
with Korb, everything, llv. The Jaillets: my 2'"' home 
Rachael: I love you a ton, you're awesome. The Aherns: 
Thanks for letting me stay at your house. Stephanie: love 

dtech with you. Manj a: Newbury Street. =) Georgia, 
Dobrochna, Erika, I love you guys too! & to the Class of 
08' — (!()N(iRATS &c have fun wherever you go! 

Melanie Wilcox 

■Mom and Dad - Thank you both so much for all you've 
done for me. I couldn't have asked for better parents. You 
have always been so understanding, accepting, and loving. 
Thanks for putting up with me when I was a pain-and for 
not sending me to live down the street. I feel bad for the 
other kids because you vxo aren't their parents. I'm lucky 
to have parents like you. I love you both! 
Megs and Kate - Where do I begin? I love you two. I'm so 
glad you are my sisters. I think you both are fun, sweet, 
and loving-even if I don't always show it. Thank you for 
being m\- role models for the past 1 7 years. I look up to 
\ ou both. You have set the guidelines for who I am toda\-. 
Thanks for aU the good rimes we've shared as sisters. 
)ess- You've been my best friend forever! You've made 
everyday at school bearable. I have so much fun with \ ou. 
We have so many great memories and inside jokes, and I 
can't wait to make more throughout college and the rest of 
our lives. I love you! 

DJ- I love you. You've guided me throughout all of high 
school; you're my high school sw-eetheart. Thank you for 
putting up with me for the past few years. You've been 
there through the good times and you made the bad times 
better. We can always count on each other. We've had so 
many good rimes together, and we will have so many more 
good rimes next year. All the memories and the secrets that 
we share mean the world to me. You're m\' best friend and 
my better half I love vou. 

Scott - We've become prett)' close the past two years. I 
couldn't have asked for a better friend to pick on. Thanks 
for all the rides home last year haha. I hope we stay friends 
throughout college. Try to stay out of trouble next year- I 
won't be around to keep my eye on you! 
Sunny, Maggie, and Kitt)' - You guys are the weirdest bunch 
of pets anyone could ask for. I love you and I'm going to 
miss vou next year! 

Mike Wittman 

Thanks to: M\- parents- for all the big things and the one- 
million litde things in between. Thank you so much. My 
friends- for all the good stories and great rimes. It's been 
an awesome ride. My family- for all of the support in 
everything I did. My teachers- for sharing w hat you know 
with me. Everyone else not mentioned: You all played a 
role somewhere, and I thank \ou for your contribution. 
Thanks again! 

Kimberly Zolla 

Kim, Ki/fjmy, Kimba 

"Shoot for the moon; if you miss, you'll land among the 

Thanks to everyone w ho made high school so special 
and fun. The gang, for making me an 'honorary azn' and 
our crazy movie nights. Erica-my bio-buddy, John Park- 
always talking Sox with me, Staci- all our classes/projects, 
Rissa history and other adventures, Alex Homegoods, 
'nough said, Dcnnis-niy online HI l -j Cat-recycling & 
envtro, Sowmya&Sorccn a|ics ami mayhem, Kevin- SAT 
class and your napping, Dan&Jesse-telling me everything 
there is to know about R()T(", Nipunn- math help and 
always being up for disc, you guys are all amazing. My JSA 
buddies for making conventions so much fun, wouldn't 
ha\ e been the same without you. Bill for making sure I 
always know it's all my fault. Jayson, for making fun ot 
my car and all our Belmont trips. Katie and PallaW, 1 

don't even know where to start. .All my teammates, the 
soccer girls, Heatha Smiles, Louisa & Gabby, Basketball 
(Ashley & Joyce, bus rides and Sunday pracnces) and 
tennis- my 'twin' Claire for putong up with my crazincss 
:iiul 111 ing my partner, thanks guys for making these 4 years 

Hat for I risbee and my forehand. Gregg for 
.il .1 .1 , Ik ing my httle bro. This is already way longer than 
I planned and I'm sure I forgot tons of you, so thanks 
ever\'body! I'll see you around. 

Bridget Barrett 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around 
once in a w hile you could miss it." -l erris Bueller's Day 

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter" -c.e. 

"Believe in yourselves. Dream. Tr)'. Do good." -Mr. Fecny 
I want to thank the following people for their profound 
impact they have had on me. MOM- For your constant 
support, editing my papers, doing my laundry, and for the 
greatest hugs. DAD- For always pushing me to the best, 
and for coming to all of my events from dance to sports. 
BREN- For being the only other one w ho understands 
how anno\ing mom and dad are, having hilarious fncnds, 
and never letting me forget you are smarter than me. 
KEl^EY- For being in my classes from second-eighth 
grade, being Monique, obsessing over the Traveling 
Pants as much as I did, and for being the one who never 
forgot that there was a whole world outside of Bedford. 
ASHl.IiY- 1-or going to camp with me all those years, 
being the blunt of so man\- jokes, and for loving blindly. 
JEN- For being my volleyball and Softball buddy, being 
just as weird as me, meeting at the corner and going on 
the swings, my sped cot, and for all those Sawrday nights 
we did absolutely nothing together. LVUREN- For being 
my wifey, never failing to make me laugh, and for "bah 
meh father?" 1 am so glad we became so close over the 
past few years. You guys have always been there and I am 
forever grateful. I also want to thank: (Charlene, Molly F 
(for always listening and Cirey's), Hope, Corinne, Colleen, 
Kevin A, Ke%in J, ABCJKL, .\lphas. the Florida 10, UMCJ, 
people on the France and Spain Trip, the boys basketball 
team, BDC, and people I dance with (Sarah, Sara, Cieorgia) 
or play volleyball and Softball with, and anyone else I 
missed, you all have made my high school expenence 
amazingly unforgettable. Finally, thanks to anyone who 
has ever tnade me laugh, I appreciate that. (Congrats class 
of 2008! 

Luke Badalaty 

Badalat, Badalatalata-, Badaladator, I.B, l.ukc Ma Duke, 

Mitch, Sam, Wonder l.ips 

"He looks like he hasn't evolved vet" 

l irst and foremost, I would like to thank my family. Thank 
you Mom and Dad for getting the best out of me. Your 
persistence is what got me as far as I am now. Thanks for 
helping me out so much with all the college stuff. . . never 
would've figured it out without you. Thanks for all the 
food, a bed and the support throughout the years. Thanks 
Nick for guiding me through all those lady problems. 
I laha, but really, thanks for being there for me all the time 
ant! being that hunk. Thanks to my friends, who have 
made a tremendous impact on my life. All these years 
would've been unbearable without you. Thanks for keeping 
me out of trouble. . . for the most part. Thanks for all the 
nights chillen, and those things we just did. Ya dig? Thanks 
to all my peers and teachers who helped me out succeed in 
school, and to all my coaches for teaching me how to work 
hard and how to win. And thanks to all those other people 
1 can't afford to thank! 

Bridget Barrett 

"l.itc moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around 
once in a while you could miss it." -l erris Bueller's Day 

"The most w asted of all days is one without laughter" -e.e. 


"Believe in yourselves. Dream. Trv. Do good." -Mr. l eeny 

I want to thank the following people for their profound 
impact they have had on me. MOM- lor vour constant 
support, editing my papers, doing my laundry, and for the 
greatest hugs. D.XD- I'or always pushing me to the best, 
and for coming to all of my events from dance to sports. 
BRl^N- For being the only other one who understands 
how annoying mom and dad are, having hilarious friends, 
and never letting me forget you are smarter than me. 
Kr.I^RY- For being in my classes from second-eighth 
grade, being Monique, obsessing over the Traveling 
Pants as much as I did, and for being the one who never 
forgot that there was a whole world outside of Bedford. 
ASHLEY- For going to camp with me all those years, 
being the blunt of so man\ jokes, and for loving blindly. 
JEN- For being my volle\ ball and Softball buddv, being 
just as weird as me, meeting at the corner and going on 
the swings, my sped cot, and for all those Saturday nights 
we did absolutely nothing together. I..\L'RI\N- For being 
my wifey, never failing to make me laugh, and for "bah 
meh father?" 1 am so glad we became so close over the 
past few years. You guys have always been there and I am 
forever grateful. I also want to thank: ("harlene, Molly F 
(for always listening and (Irey's), Hope, ("orinne. Colleen, 
Kevin A, Kevin |, ABCJKI., Alphas, the Florida 10, LMC",, 
people on the France and Spain Trip, the bovs basketball 
team, BD(^ and people I dance with (Sarah, Sara, Cieorgia) 
or play volleyball and Softball with, and anyone else I 
missed, you all have made my high school experience 
amazingly unforgettable. Finally, thanks to anyone who 
has ever made me laugh, 1 appreciate that. Congrats class 
of 2008! 

Angelisa Bonilla 

Wow! Time really has flown by we're finally seniors!! =) 
woohoo. I w anna give a thanks to Mami & Papi for being 
the best parents. Brandon & Corey for being the best 
brothers. 1 w anna thank Robert aka "C-hucky" for these 
past 3 yrs they have been Massive!!! I love vou babe. To 
Amanda thanks 4 truly being mv BFF, good times kid- 

"TTBB" meow, .\shley 4 alway s being there for me luv 
ya. To Stcph, Allison & Olivia for helping me hit that lady 
at CVS good times! Thanks to the Montaltos for being 
my second fam, love you guys. To all my l-uigi's girls love 
you. A special thanks to /appv IIF^.WA'Y.. .Thanks to 

c\crMiiK ih.ii I li w.i'- sucli agooil 4 year-, thanks 
keep it sexy ('ongrats 2008!! 

Matt Brown 

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the 


First I wanna thank my family for all their love and 
support, it really means a lot. To my friends, thanks for the 
great times we'll never remember, for getting into trouble 
just for fun, and for all the things we thought of but didn't 
ever do. You've all been great, we've had a lot of laughs. 
In the end it was all a gag, the mistakes were waiting to be 
made and we made them all. I wouldn't trade a moment of 
it for the world--- 

"Just go with it, don't let anjthing keep you down." 

Alexandra Budden 

Alex, .\.Budd 

I would like to thank my family for standing bv me all 
these years. They have always supported every decision 
I've made, right or wrong. I I^ove You! Jordyn-vou have 
been and always will be more than a sister to me, you're 
more like my best friend. I know I can come and talk to 
you about everything, even if you don't want to hear it. We 
are closer than we ever have been and I never want that 
to change. Mom-You have done so much for mc, I can't 
thank you enough. Dad-Thank you for always being there 
for me no matter what I do sometimes. To all my friends- 
You've always been there when I needed to talk, or when 
I needed a good laugh, what more could anyone ask for? 
Courtnee Barchus-"SIiNSl-.S F.\1L!!!" Harry Potter, late 
nights. We've been through so much. .\nd through it all 
you've alwys made me laugh <.^. ^'our Super! Thank you 
to anyone who has ever given me a nde! R.I. P. Duke |<jc- 
the other most beautiful perst)n in the r<K>m! To the CJ's at 
New F^ngland Nurseries, you guj-s are incredible! 

Shauna Cerasoll 

We're done! Mom & Nana thanks for always being there 
for me. Dad & Papa thanks for always encouraging me 
to do my best. Nana Pat thanks for always keeping me 
fashionable and prepared for sch(K)l. Nn'NFS' (Mr. Ixwis) 
thanks for the best ad\ise on mv rides home. Trisha thanks 
for being m\ cousin and friend. Bnnany C you have been 
the best fnend to me though thick and thin, you're like my 
second sister. 

Alex Coe 

Thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me, 
mv drama, and my crude sense of humor, which I'm sure 
offended someone at some point. . . everv dav. I'm not 
gonna say names, because then I'll forget someone and 
be called out on it. So if someone forgets to sign this, I'll 
forget about them. So sign my yearbook. 
AFjROTC; is the best program this school has. I've made 
some great friends in it, and the teachers are amusing, 
although bizarre. 

The past three years on the rifle team were aw esome. Too 
many practices makes for a right knit group, until the 
season ends and we all run away screaming. 

The trap team, although I've only Ix-en on it for rwo ve 
is great. People wht) shoot just seem to be m<ire fun tn 
hang out with. 

At the beginning of this sentence, 1 had founixn word 


Georgia Cook 

C, Peach 

"IJve. Iwiugh. Love" 
"How tall IS this fence? 


.\IO.M- 1 want you to know that I love you and thank you 
for all of the support you have given me in life and the 
hard times I went through w hen I was younger. D.\D 
- Ever since I was little you have told me that I will always 
be able to sit on your lap and I'll always remember that. 
Even through everything 1 still love you just the way vou 
are. DB-Where do I start? Since third grade, you and vour 
crazy moods still found a way to keep me smiling Thanks 
for being the great fnend you are and all of the talks that 
we had that included just about everything. S.\M- Thanks 
for all those priceless faces and memories and sending me 
picmres of your outfit in the morning, and next ame you 
talk try not to use hand motions with the exception of oui 
sign language with each other, haha. (IHRIS- Thanks for 
always being there and talking to me when I'm down, vou 
always found a way to make me laugh. BOBB^'-Thanks 
for all the support and advice you gave me. We've alwavs 
had ups and downs and somehow we always got through 
them. I even enjoyed your singing everv once in a w hile. 
BRIDCiF.T- Ciood times at kids club and dance. .\lso. 
Sorry about chipping your tooth, haha. C.\LLIE- Thanks 
for being a good cousin, and luckily enough we alwavs hac 
each other to keep entertained at (Christmas parties and 
family vacations... We both know how our family can get 
from rime to time. 

Soccer girls gcxxl luck next year! I want to thank cveryon 
else. Congrats class of 2008! 

Katherine Cuti 

Thanks to my teachers for letting mc eat my breakfast in 
their classnxjms. 
Thanks to my parents for turning my internet connecdon 
back on after 1 1:30, sometimes. 
Thanks to C^ostco for selling king sized Swiss Miss 

Thanks to my guinea pigs for bringing leafy' greens into 
my life. 

Thanks to .\gent f-red the ninja pirate for many 
memorable vtKab adventures. 
Thanks to Italy for simply being awesome. 
Thanks to Histon' Fair for my first all nighter. 
Thanks to Microsoft Word Count for letting me know tfai 
will cost me $20. 

And, of course, thanks to all those cool kids who are 
always up for bike tnps in the rain, who eat my lunch, wbi 
laugh at me when I'm being dumb, who are up at rwx) in 
the morning writing papers, who mooch my music, and 
who know that Super Smash and cart(xin marathons i 
go out of sr\ie. 

Stephanie Good 

The past few years have been great and passed wicked 
quick. My parents are the ones who helped me most, 
especially my mom who asks if I have any /done my 
homewxirk. Matthew, tou'vc the there most of the time 
and have really impacted my life. Oh, and your family 
lets me basically live at your house. Friends have been 
great. Thanks for the unforgettable, random memories. 
Peace | 


Greg Lamb 


around TH) days at BHS, \vc Ud\x litushcci. There 
V i\ I I ■ iild have done it without these people, to 

H riiilL nil III BlPWiilfHW ^ aiiiuji i i r' 

i deserve thanking between October and whenever 
111 tinally get to read this, who will have been there for 
L . I'd thank you if I knew who you will be. With that 
V kward grammatical situation behind me, I'd like to 
ink people who have already deserved thanking. To my 
inily. Mom, Dad, Tim, Theresa, Ciin, and everyone else, 

II providing moral support, humor, money, and... well, 
1 sure there was something else. To ROT(^, Captain, 
iicf, and the ROTC kids, for getting me through four 
us relatively unscathed, and to the teachers (Doc, 

'. ing, Sundy, Henoch, Niven) who got me to get up off 
\ lazy butt and working at long last. To History Fair, 
1 thoroughh' kicking my behind. To my friends who 
ale it all bearable, and collaborated on so-many essays, 

III especially for making those tolerable. To Honey Nut 
cerios and caffeine, which saved me on late nights. 

' myself, for actually doing what people told me to do, 
u.iUy, and for not starting this thanks with the words 
list of all". Last and maybe least, to the dozens of other 
I iple, who helped me in other ways. -Audio-\'ideo- 

Vshley Howard 

U )i\I & DAD: Thank you so much for everything. You 
,i \ c been great and loving parents. I love you both so 
inch. NANA: You have always told me to do my best and 
\ hard. Thank you so much for always being there for me 
lul pushing me to work hard. I love you. Great memories 
nil everyone, thanks for everything. To all my friends, 

LI know who you are. Love all )'ou guys so much. Jessica, 
• i irtany. Angle, Olivia, Erica, Ariel, Courtney, Melanie, 

i.iuna. A lot of fun and crazy times. NLss & love you 

Liz Jackson 

I li )\v we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our 
' is" — Annie Dillard 

' 'i I K)f only exists in mathematics." — Mr. N'enkatesh 
i I li )n't want to get to the end of my life and find that I 

i d just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of 

IS well." — Diane Ackerman 
! 1 1 PAL!" —Amy you to everybody who has been a part of my life 
I the past eighteen years. You have all been amazing 
ii-iids, sisters, parents, teachers, acquaintances; I am so 
1 iictul that I have been able to spend these years with 
III. Whether you've given me car rides to Wakefield or 
1 rip to France and England, casual talks in class or a 
I' ndship that's lasted sixteen years, just know that you 
I L made a difference in my life. I can only hope that the 
I iiionships I form throughout the rest of my life are as 

id as those I have made here in Bedford. Thank you for 
^ A Year's Eve sleepovers, trips to the North End, walks 

licdford Farms, long bike rides, sister fondue nights. For 
' iiig my teachers and inspiration. For making me smile, you for everything, the big and the small, and most 
importantly for the love and support that everybody has 
l^ven me over the years. I could not ask for a better family 
1 more incredible friends. Ciood luck to the class of 2008, 

lieen an exciting thirteen years, and I am going to miss 
Ml .ill so much! 

First, I would like to thank my parents mom, dad you 
both have been the most generous, caring, and supporting 
people I know. Also, thanks for all the vacations we have 
Lhad a great time together. Thank vou to mv 
brother Ryan we, unlike nmsi liii.ihets, ne\ei lii;hl aiui 
enjoy time we get to spend together. \'uu have always had 
a great sense of humor. No one could ask for a better 
faiTiily. Billy, you have been like a brother to me. We have 
shared many experiences together not only as great friends 
but CO workers. We have had a ton of fun (weather we 
are chilling in your basement or going biking, etc). Luke 
"ma duke" you are a fun, outgoing kid and a great friend. 
Thanks for trying to get me to eat healthier; it must be 
frustrating. The road trip to NYC was sick and all the 
other things we have done (the cape, the mall, movies, etc). 
Ryan for coundess good times together (chilling on Fridays 
or going to your lake house, etc) and just being you. .Alex 
you are one of the funniest people I know, thanks for all 
the great times we have had together Thanks to all my 
friends for the great rimes and for being great people- 
Henry, Robbie, Koushik, Nick, Becca A , and all my other 
friends, thank you. Ms. Sav thank you for being there to 
support me through-out my four years of high school and 
being a very caring teacher. Hotshot you have been my 
dog since I was 3, you where a very smart playful dog, who 
thought and acted like you where a person. We will miss 
you RIP hotshot. Good luck class of 08! 

Molly Marshall 

"I was irrevocably betrothed to laughter, the sound of 
which has always seemed to me to be the most civilized 
music in the world." - Peter Ustinov 

First, I would like to express my frustration about the limit 
to my thanks; trying to thank everyone who deserves my 
gratitude in the space of 75 words is nearly impossible. At 
the risk of being impersonal, I'm avoiding specific names 
and memories, in hopes that those of you who have lived, 
laughed, and loved with me wUl understand how thankful I 
am to you. And t(5 those who have seen the best and worst 
of me - Mom, Dad, Nick and Evan - I love you. 

Jake Mendales 

I would like to thank my family, especially my brothers 
and my dad for always being there and helping out when 
they can. It's been a prett)' intense twelve years of public 
education, so thank you. Next, I'd like to thank all die 
people that I consider my friends. Some of you gu\ s ha\ e 
been here for a while, and others are new additions, but all 
of you are awesome. Thank you for all the 

Brandon Rose 

Thanks: I woiikl like to give thanks to m\ mother for 
showing me support and helping me get through school. I 
would also like to give thanks to my aunts who would help 
me with all my schoolwork and everything else. Thanks 
Aunty S. for helping me with my Spanish and math work. 
Thanks Aunt)' M. and D. for just being there for me and 
giving me support. I want to thank Moses for giving me as 
much support as my mom did. I want to thank my brother 
for always being there and making me laugh most of the 
tiine. I hope I didn't fcjrget anyone else in the family, but 
if I did, thanks. I'd also like to thank all my friends from 
Bedford and the Base for making this \ear and last \ ear 
fun, like (>reg, Ryan, (^hris and Dan, Harold, D. (^hico. 
Chris F"., and that's all I can think of. Sorry if 1 forgot 
anyone but thanks, anyways. I want to give thanks to all 

my friends in Boston, that go to Boston schools, or that 
are in other MIvTCXJ programs. I also want to give thanks 
to some of my teachers, especially Mrs. Sav. I couldn't 
have don't it without you. Thanks for making sophomore, 
junior, and senior year fun. I think that's everyone I can 
think of Thanks again. 

Ryan Ruiz 

I only get 7.5 words to thank you guys, so here it goes: To 
all the people that loved me, raised me, taught me, and 
showed me how to live, I thank you. Mom, Dad, Britt, 
Oce, (Christian, (^ali friends, Turkey friends. Mass friends, 
and last but not least. Colleen Renee Koonst, for loving 
me like no one else ever will. I thank all of you from the 
bottom of my heart. I^)ve always, Ryan. 

Lauren Sarson 

"Bah, meh, father?" —Bridget 

Mom&Dad thanks for continually supporting me, 
encouraging me, and for countless opportunities, I love 
you. Kristen thanks for absolutely everj thing; for cheering 
me up, and cheering me on. We could do anything together 
and still have fun, not many have that and I'm so glad we 
do. Bridget you're everything. Thanks to everyone I want 
to thank, but don't have room to; you have inspired me 
and pushed me, loved me and supported me. 

Aaron Smiles 

I want to thank my parents for putting up with me for 17 
years, trusting me, and supporting my soccer no matter 
what. Heather, even though you fight we both know it 
with be over in a second, also for helping me remind mom 
and dad what is cool and not cool. Julie and Bumpa for 
all the vacations and great rimes overseas. Granddad and 
Grandma for always welcoming us with open arms and for 
starting such a great family. I'd also like to thank the varsin- 
soccer team for all the fun bus rides and dinners we had. 
I'll never forget those memories of the state tournament. 
To Keith and Dell, thanks for all the laughs (the goat 
game). Also, thanks for laughing at me when I choked on 
pizza and coining to watch my soccer (and dealing M-ith 
Kaeghan). And to JD thanks for the fun summers we had, 
all the Revs games, and always being around. Last but not 
least, 1 would like to thank God that I'm finally out of 

Dusty Smith 

Ride Team, Drill Team, \ arsity ('heerleading (lots of 
others). Thanks to everyone in the .M JROTC;, everyone 
who was on my drill team, (^iptain ("arson and Chief F^dris 
This program and the cadets have made me feel like home. 
Thanks to all m)- friends and family. There is only one 
happiness in life, to love and be loved, (^orey N. McCann, 
thank you for supporting, caring, and loving me in 
ever\\\ a\, I love \<)u. Remember, there is no rose without a 
thorn. Loves aiul hugs, thank you everyone! 

Andy Westerkamp 

Thanks to ni\ lanuly aiul all my buds its been a wicked 
good nnie...RIGirrF:()L'S 

True Life: Vm a BHS Senior 

Joe Ball 

Tommy Barkovic 
Bridget Barrett 
Hope Bigda-Peyton 
Ashley Briggs 
Alexandra Budden 
Kit Collver 
Katie Donnellan 
J. P. Driscoll 
Zach Inz 
Adrien Jarvis 
Jacqi Kramlinger 
Annie Leslie 
Laurie Ohistein 
Justin Peterson 
Adam Richichi 
Coretta Simmons 
Jen Tate 
Joe Tiano 
Allison Hagar 
Anthony Chang 


Congratulations to the 
class of 2008 from 
Cambridge Savings BanI 

186 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 


le Bedford Education Association 

would like to wish the members of 

the class of 2008 
congratulations and good luck. 

The members of the 

Bedford Education 

offer their congratulations to 


class of 2008. 

May you carry a love of learning 
wherever life takes you. 

^ytt^ ■M*y .f/u/^A. 
rra f4« n. ^f^/i ^>a f///m/>, 

Cambridge Savings Bank is 
proud to support education 
in our community. 


Providing banking convenience and superior service 
to our local communities. 

1^ Cambridge Savings Bank 888-418-5626 

'/ember FDIC Memhei D 


100 Cummlngs Center, Suite 456J, Beverly, MA 01915-6106 
(978) 921-4000 FAX (978) 921-7530 

The Interface of Mind and Body 


Jonathan Inz, Ph.D., Director 




We are very proud of you. You hove always stayed true 
to yourself. You have everything it takes to succeed, and 
we're sure that life has wonderful things in store for you. 
Remennber how much you are loved. 
We're here for you! 

Mom, Dad, Amanda 
& Maggie (woof) 

Ariel Ashley 

We we have watched you 
evolve from: 

Jiminy to Baby Boo Hoo 
Cutty to Safari 
Mermaid to Devilette 
Turtle to Big Sister 

We look forward 

to sharing the 
next phase in 
your life. 

Your loving 

-T" J' 

* *■ 

It. t 

^x^^jnmgmr^^jUg^you is new. 
nfS^i^^fmff?^pod enough 
For what we hope to be. 
Nor world with windows wide enough 
For what we hope to see. 
You've overcome so much to get here. 
Challenges still lie ahead, too. 
We know you'll continue to amaze us, 
And you'll always moke us proud of you. 




We're so very proud of you 
and all your achievements. 
Your kindness, generosi^y 
and love of learning are 
contagious and inspiring. You 
con acfiieve anytfiing you 

Mom, Dad, and Jock 

Britfciny ("B-Ncc") 

All these years, all this 

Our hopes and dreams 

'I'he njcst amazing 
person ycii'vc hcccme, 
'I'he life ahead is yours, 
iDy dear. 

Men) & Dad 


Congratulations! We are 
proud of you. This is just 
the beginning. Hope all 
your dreams come true! 
We love you! Mom & Jeff 


We are very 
proud of you for 

who you are! 
Mom, Dad, Nate 

h i n i k e r 


Co confidently in 
the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined. 

- Henry David Thoreau 

We are so proud of 
you! Love you always, 
Mom y Dad. Andrew 
Aaron, and Tara-bear 

Brian Pabian 

"Don 't cry 
because it's 
over. Smile 
it happened." 
-Dr. Seuss 

Dear Brian, 

Thank you for all the memories, 
smiles and laughter we never would 
have known without you. We hope 
that you always keep your 
enthusiasm for life. 
Love always, Mom, Dad & Michael 

"It is good to have 
an end to journey 
towards, but it is 
the journey that 
matters in the 


We will love you 
always and for- 

Dad, Mom, 
Jessica, Julie & 

Chris flkvd Mulee 

you. art uvU^ut iv^ ijour 

\ buv^ twice the 
■^i^ for ±2 years. 

We flrc f>ri>M.rf of Ljou both 
flkvd we Loote forward to 
^our fu.tM.rc jou.rv^y s. 
Love, hAo\M,, T^ad, Mott 
a^/ui. Jflse 

Dearest Nicolle "Nicky", 

From the first moment we held you in our arms, we felt so blessed. Little did we realize the happiness you 
would bring to us. What a beautiful young lady you have become! You have brought such love and joy 
into our lives as we watched you grow from a sweet little girl to a warm, kind-hearted, mature woman 
Thanks for being such a good daughter and role model for Danielle and Gregory. We are extremely prou 
of you and all of your accomplishments. We are so happy and excited for you as you begin the next 
chapter in your life and always know that you have a family who loves you so much and will always be 
there for you. Just always remember to be yourself, follow your heart and God will lead the way. We love 
you so much and remember you will always be our special "little redhead". Thanks for all the wonderful 
memories and congratulations. 
Love and hugs. 

Mom, Dad, Danielle & Gregory xoxo 





y^ere so proucC of you ancCof aCCyour accompCisfiments. 
P 'h T^fie wfioCe worCdtis waiting for you, ancC you're aCC 
^ ^ cCressecCup and ready to go! Tnjoy tfie ride knowing 
tfiat we wiCC aCways Be here for you. 
Love you forever. 
Mom, T> ad and "Brendan 

Bnst^, Sisti^. C2a6stviQtes.Tru»vds.... 
(]m\roi:^jSljOijjQ>i^ to- (Mi otoss ©| £00S. 
lu'e arc so- Ocrij pmd ©| fed ©I i|©u.! ! ! 
LA WbsM/, pad jcn/ 



Dan, You have 
grown into a caring 
and thoughtful 
young man who will 
change our world. 
We are proud of 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Tim Theresa, Gin, 
Nanny and Pepe 

Corinne Weeki 


We couldn't be more proud of you and all that 
you have accomplished. Your compassion and 
dedication to everything you pursue is boundless 
and your success has been exhilarating for us 
to watch. You have grown into a beautiful, 
strong and capable young woman ready to take 
on the world beyond Bedford. Take all that you 
have learned, follow your heart, live life to the 
fullest, and let your many talents take you to new 

We love you. Dad, Mom, Lauren, and Gillian 


We can't begin to say how proud we are of the lovely young woman you 
have become. Growing up isn't always easy but, as you have found, with 
adversity comes inner strength. You are a very special person, always 
remember that. We wish you happiness, love 
and much laughter You are truly a blessing 
and we love you so much. | -f 

Dad, Mom, Aileen and Shaylynn | C-' / 

Lindsay NcGrory 

Congrats, Mel! 

Mel, with your smarts, 
sociability, sense of humor 
and beauty, you will go far 
in life. We love you loads 
and are so proud of you as 
you embark upon the next 
big phase of your life! 

Love Mom & Dad and 
Steve, Debi, Gina, Sophie 


We are proud of your past 
accomplishments and look 
forward to even greater 
things from you in the future. 
Wishing you all the love, 
happiness and comfort the 
world can give. 


Mom, Dad, Jess and Jacob 

Allison - Nay you always dance and have fun in life! 
We are so proud of you! 
Love, Nom, Dad. Stephen, Louis. & Cassie 

Hey "Sweet child o' mine" © I hope you know how much I love you. Thank you for sharing your soul wl 
the world through your photos. Remember to believe In you and always remember how beautiful you ar 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Dear Caity, We've watched you grow firom a beautiful baby to the beautiful young woman you are today. You've taught u 
love, patience and humor along the way. We wish you every success as you begin life on your own. Congratulations and . 
Our Love, Grandma and Grandpa. 

,^ee4 te tie . . Ufe U imfiiUU i*^ • Se^te^ 

Cally-I know you wUI be a "sopentar" li wbatever yoi decMe to io. Coiiralilatfois! Aoide HeMi 

Dear Caity -We thinf( you are ttie coolest and most awesome girl in the whole entire cosmos! 
We know someday you will be a star. Wait - you already are! We are really proud of you! 
Love Always, Wendy and Tom 

CoBgratilatiois Caity, wa ara all vary proad of yoal Lava, Flarlda Ur^aharta 

"Congratulations, Caify! We wish you a future as bright and beautifui as you are! Love, Auntie Erin & Beitie" 

Dear Caity, Congnratulations on finishing' one journey and starting another. Wishing you years of 
wonderful adventures ahead. Love, Uncle Matt and Aunt Kathleen 

Hcaeb f«r th« Ntant. Wjmwe Aaatle Betli, Vaclc Ciary, JcMide * Kellr 

Congratulations Caityl I'm sure you will succeed at what ever you choose to do. The Pattersons 

You are possibly one of the most amusingly creative people I know. I hope you never stop finding beauty 
strange Uttle things like straws and ice cubes. Thanks for aJl the random drives listening to awesome mu 
I'm glad you have taste. Good luck with everything. Love Cassie.